3 Moodle Books Worth Checking Out

Moodle books are multi-page resources that are formatted in the form of a book and they entail main chapters as well as several sub-chapters. They are created via the Learning Management System – Moodle in order to act as a tutorial for various aspects. Some of these books that are worth checking out include the following:

1. Moodle 2.0 E-Learning Course Development by William Rice

Target Audience

Anyone interested in understanding and benefiting from Moodle. The amateurs will receive a comprehensive guide on how the software works along with ideas on how to start off their preliminary course. It also gives experienced users great insights into acquiring more educational and successful courses.

Overview of The Book

The book shows users on how to employ Moodle as a teaching enhancing tool. Teachers can analyze the requirements of the students and deeply comprehend the importance of Moodle in their teaching career. Once you have the relevant tips for your course, you will understand how to exploit each feature of the system to meet the objectives of your course.

Though this Learning System is easy to install and use, the main challenge comes in when you want to come up with a learning process that utilizes every aspect of the system. Nevertheless, this book gives you a guide on how you would solve that difficulty.

You will find a comprehensive guide to a lucrative learning via the system that is based on the course development and delivery with the most ideal learning practices.

Approach of The Book

It has everything needed to be learnt by Moodle beginners. There are lucid gradual instructions, a number of screenshots, guides and explanations through the various features as well as alternatives to choose from. In the entire book, you will go through a sample course that will guide you in exploring the recommended decisions, thoughts and designs that helps you to come up with a thriving course.

2. Moodle 2.0 for Business Beginner’s Guide by Gavin Henrick 

Target Audience

Anyone who is accountable in recruiting, training or sustaining the guidelines within a company. It clearly gives managers or business administrators guidelines on how to attain a successful business.


It shows how to incorporate your organization system with that of Moodle. This eBook will let you manage your organization in the easiest way possible. It is a user-friendly and easy to access system that helps to keep a flowing communication within a certain business. You will also be able to put your newsletters, H.R docs, training docs and discussions in one location that can be easily accessed from home or the office.

The eBook also shows you how to put your crucial business documents online and it will also assist in the training and recruiting process. The book also helps you in learning how to shift an active process to Moodle and also develop new ones. Through this eBook, you will be able to create group activities, share documents, manage online training, among others.

Approach of the Book

Every chapter of the book describes different viewpoint of the relevance of Moodle to a business. The reader will be guided steadily via the process of setting up Moodle in their businesses with relevant examples. A number of screenshots are also available and every chapter has case studies of successful businesses that used Moodle. This is used in order to enhance understanding.

3. Moodle JavaScript Cookbook by Alastair Hole

Target Audience

It is dedicated to web developers and administrators who want to make their sites more dynamic with Moodle customization via the use of themes, patches and plugin modules. It aims anyone who is well equipped with CSS, PHP and HTML skills and they have worked perfectly with the Moodle structure. You will not need to have an experience with JavaScript to understand the book.


Since Moodle stands as a leading e-learning remedy that has revolutionized Wen courses, this book helps you to comprehend the concepts more. JavaScript is vital in Moodle and it is relevant to web administrators and developers. This is because it employs en suite libraries to offer the modern and lively experience that is anticipated by web users around the world.

This book will navigate you via the essentials needed to combine Moodle with JavaScript and its different libraries. The eBook also describes how JavaScript can be incorporated with Moodle to function effectively. Through this book, you will know how to integrate Yahoo, The User Interface – YUI Library with Moodle. The main focus of this eBook is the YUI, which is the main factor for implementing contemporary, dynamic interfaces that are full of features in order to improve your Moodle User Experience.

Being one of the most resourceful Moodle Books, this eBook allows you to add effects, use AJAX, animation and design more responsive forms to increase the user experience satisfaction. The book allows you to work along a number of YUI features like displaying and pulling in information from other sites, improving the present UI elements and apply animation to the web page. This will help to improve the user experience and draw in more visitors.


The cookbook entails a recipe list that explains how to incorporate JavaScript with Moodle in a step-by-step procedure. The first and second chapters focus on the essentials of starting to work with JavaScript and the YUI. The other chapters explain how to exploit the 2 techniques as a foundation of executing a detailed functionality.

Moodle is a top open source e-learning platform that has benefited teachers, professors, web developers and administrators to come up with successful projects. You will be able to create and manage a comprehensive course that will benefit you and your students. This can win you more clients who would want to take your course.

You can be able to create a book in Moodle as well, which will be influential to other members of your organization. The system lets you to learn more as well as teach others the essentials and advanced information on Moodle. There are several books designed via Moodle that are educative, touching on different aspects. These are some of the top Moodle books that will help you to enhance your project to win you more clients.

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