4 Things That Stand in Your Way to a Smooth Moodle Implementation

With close to 80 million users and 8 million courses offered worldwide, Moodle has changed the face of learning by putting the virtual world at the heart of the classroom.

Moodle triumphs in its ability to enhance learning for a range of subjects and learning institutions. The Learning Management System offers over 1,000 plugins with customizable themes and mobile availability. Yet as with any complex system, teachers and students are bound to run into a few road bumps along the way. The following outlines the most common challenges faced in Moodle implementation.

1. A Steep Learning Curve

Learning to use Moodle will take time. The California State University, Channel Islands (CI), in the US opted for another LMS (Blackboard) as its sole platform because of the perceived level of frustration when students and faculty members tried to use Moodle.

The College of Education at the University of Florida took a different approach to solve this challenge. By integrating WordPress content management and Elgg social, it gave users added comfort and a softer learning curve. You can also ease Moodle adoption by making Moodle learning fun.

2. A Confusing User Interface

Not surprisingly, new users may find it confusing to navigate Moodle for the first time. The University of Sussex saw the potential of Moodle as an e-learning framework, and brought in a usability expert for a user interface redesign to help both students and lecturers get more out of it. The investment made it easier for everyone to find their way around, reduced confusion, and made the learning process faster.


3. Difficulties in Task Completion

Feedback from online learning organization, Homeschool.com, indicated that 25% of teachers had to delay or revisit their Moodle grade section setups before correctly finishing them. If teachers don’t know how to complete tasks on Moodle, their course modules will not reach students. Educational institutions must make sure faculty understand how to use Moodle properly to make sure things run smoothly during a course.

4. Migration from Other Solutions

Schools that make the switch from another learning management system will need to find a tool that help students and teachers learn how to use Moodle. Integrating online guidance software such as WalkMe can resolve this issue by providing on-screen instructions that guide users through the system. This offers more flexibility so that a number of users can tackle all kinds of tasks on their own. Imagine the results! Schools can harness the power of Moodle to a wide variety of learning applications like Notre Dame College has done with its online Moodle-based nursing degree course (RN to BSN.)

Moodle can bring a host of new tools that enhance learning and engage faculty and students. However, before a school makes the switch, they should consider the common challenges. Preparing for these issues in advance will make the transition to Moodle smooth and successful.


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