5 Tools to Help You Get Your Students & Lecturers Onboard with Moodle

* This article is part of a White Paper called “How to Heighten Student & Faculty Engagement with Moodle for Better Learning Results.” 

Users vote for Moodle when it provides them a positive learning experience, help in reaching their course objectives or both of these at the same time.

1. Virtual Classroom for an Immersive Learning Experience

The addition of live audio and video streams to online learning makes real-time interaction possible for online course delivery.

The Moodle Virtual Classroom plugin from WizIQ is designed to boost engagement once the course content is correctly uploaded and installed. Screen sharing, electronic whiteboard tools and breakout rooms are included.

2. Moodle Tutorials to Show Use of Different Functions

Moodle itself offers online learning resources such as its tutorial videos posted on YouTube. Organizations can embed these clips in their own Moodle systems.

This brings a new ‘show me’ dimension to help users better understand different functions and operations, although organizations may find their needs for engagement go beyond the fixed subjects and formats of these tutorials.

3. Moodle Plugins to Help Bring Teachers and Students Together

The Moodle Dialogue and Invitation plugins can also help cement e-learning relationships between teachers and students.

The Moodle Dialogue plugin makes communications possible at a group level or within the group as a private two-way conversation between a teacher and a student. The Invitation plugin gives a teacher the possibility to send out personal invitations by email to invite recipients to participate in a course.

4. WalkMe for Real-Time Assistance with Any Moodle Task

WalkMe offers real-time onscreen guidance that simplifies Moodle for users. It facilitates understanding and lets students, teachers and even administrators progress with ease and comfort through their Moodle tasks.

The onboarding and training process can be greatly improved by guiding new users through the essential introductory tasks. An advance over video tutorials and FAQ pages, WalkMe does not require end-user download and automatically adjusts to dynamic page content.

Usability, task completion and end-user satisfaction go up, while abandonment and help-desk service requests go down.

5. Engagement Analytics for Tuning the User Experience

By tracking and analyzing learning performance in real-time, lecturers and administrators can also evaluate engagement and identify desirable improvements to a Moodle system.

Intelliboard provides a Moodle plugin to provide actionable data and drill-down analysis. With this knowledge, organizations can then use the other tools above to adjust the user experience as appropriate.

This article is part of a White Paper called “How to Heighten Student & Faculty Engagement with Moodle for Better Learning Results.”

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