Top 4 Benefits of Using Moodle for your School – Why it Works as a Platform for Student-Teacher Interaction

By Nicole @supermoodle Lewis  “The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change.” – Carl Rodgers The aforementioned quote rightly suffices the problem arising in prevalent education system. We have been cultivating ourselves since the early 19th century to use the ever changing and advancing technology. We have

Moodle Drupal Integration and Features

Gaining an understanding of Moodle Drupal integration and the features is imperative for users.When software applications first emerged, they brought several enhancement benefits that led to the current dependence on them as solutions to numerous problems. The rate at which new software is developed is tremendous. It is now obvious that software engineers will need

How to Create a Moodle Lesson

Moodle lesson modules are actually a series of Web pages that teachers usually design to lead their students through the lessons. As you know, Moodle is simply a virtual learning environment which allows the teachers to compose online courses or even supplements to traditional classroom coursework. Every lesson module can contain a range of materials

Extensive Moodle Salesforce Integration Guide

Moodle Salesforce integration is advantageous to get both CRM and LMS functionality. Salesforce CRM platform is the leader to maintain sales and customer relation management of many companies. On the other hand, Moodle is the innovative LMS open source system. Integration of this two system often called as MoodleForce and gives both CRM and LMS