Best Moodle Mobile App Review

Did you know that the Moodle mobile app is at long last available? Moodle and mobile users have been long awaiting a native mobile application which allows the same intuitive access to the Moodle learning system from platforms (that previously were not optimized for platforms outside PC).

The Moodle mobile app is, in fact, based on HTML5, which means that it can run on every platform out there, including smart phones, tablets, consoles and set top boxes. The benefits of this are numerous.

A big problem with education and work over the past well – history of mankind – has been that location mattered. Even when telephones and other systems became popular, work still had to be done in offices. Learning had to be done in training centers. People had to schedule their lives around being present in these locations at coordinated times, to get the job done, or to attend training.

The internet helped, but being tethered to PCs didn’t provide the liberation that people have long dreamed of…Visions of the future promised a work life where men and women could work from anywhere: coffee shops, restaurants, home, while traveling, heck – even from the beach.

The mobile revolution has made this possible. Many professionals can perform their job anywhere the internet is available.

The Moodle mobile app brings this functionality to fruition. This application is secure, even offering offline capabilities. It speeds up Moodle operations and supports all platforms.

The Moodle app does have its limitations. Moodle is a rapidly-developing infrastructure. This makes it difficult to keep web services compatible and up-to-date with one hundred percent of its functionalities.

However, despite the limitations of this application, it is a very powerful and intuitive mobile solution. It answers the need for mobile, location independent learning. The app brings the power of Moodle to the convenience of portability.

Going forward, the Moodle mobile app will provide a revolution in learning convenience that is impossible for today. (The developers aim to add new functionalities, including CV&A consulting, and live integration).

One thing worth noting in closing is that this application requires HTML5 compatibility in order to work properly. (Thankfully, traditional Moodle will also run in all W3C compliant browsers), Other forms of mobile app aside from HTML5, such as Android-native Java, and Cocoa platforms for Apple devices is in the works, and early testing for this possibility is underway.

Thanks to software like this, we will see people attending classes and going about business from virtually any location. Our work and education will not rule our lives as it does today, but rather, will be integrated into our lives with more control. The Moodle Mobile app leads us into the future.


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