How to Add a Moodle Database Activity in 4 Easy Steps

A Moodle database activity allows the instructor and his or her participants or students to search, display, comment, populate a record entry bank on just about any subject that they can think of. The structure and the format of the database is highly customizable, and there is no limit to the number of relevant entries

How to Create a Moodle Lesson

Moodle lesson modules are actually a series of Web pages that teachers usually design to lead their students through the lessons. As you know, Moodle is simply a virtual learning environment which allows the teachers to compose online courses or even supplements to traditional classroom coursework. Every lesson module can contain a range of materials

The Complete WordPress Moodle Integration Guide

WordPress Moodle integration allows users to blog and makes the pages available on the internet. Moodle, as you know, is a free learning management system. It includes features like news, announcements, online quizzes, calendars, a discussion forum, file downloads, and instant messages. It allows unlimited number of servers to be added with it as it