Claroline vs Moodle – and the Winner is?

Claroline vs Moodle is probably one of the biggest uncertainties when choosing right e-learning software for your studying or whatever purposes. To everyone who is looking for the best learning management system and free software for e-learning, Claroline and Moodle are the two best options by far. Here is review of these two extremely popular softwares, so you can choose which one is better and more appropriate for your usage.

Both of them are great Open Source Learning Management Systems (LMS), so picking either of them isn’t a bad choice at all. Both Claroline and Moodle have their basic and more advanced features, they are fully functional and very easy to use once you get used to them.

Let’s start with Moodle, which is a free e-learning platform which already has a user base consisted of more than 85,000 verified and registered sites, which serve more than 71 million users in more than 8 million courses with 1.2 million teachers, which are pretty incredible stats and literally prove that Moodle is somehow more popular than Claroline. First version of this software was released back in 2002, and till this day it is constantly increasing its popularity and it just keeps evolving and improving in all aspects.

Claroline, however has a similar feel to Moodle, but the bigger difference is that Claroline has a more minimalistic user interface. This platform is currently being used in more than 110 countries all around the world and it is also available in 36 languages. It certainly isn’t as popular as Moodle, but that doesn’t mean it’s worse than Moodle. Claroline features full suite of tools that include wikis, forums and chats, and the part of package is also quizzing and excellent calendar.

Both of the softwares are easy to use, even though Claroline has simpler interface which makes it slightly easier to use than Moodle. However, Moodle has more features, and if you are more advanced user of it, you can seriously take full advantage of it, and you will find Moodle extremely effective and helpful with your assignments and needed tasks.

Moodle is fully compatible with Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, Windows, Netware and Unix, and literally any other system that can support PHP and its database, whereas Claroline is compatible on Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Claroline is fully based on the open source technologies, such as MySQL and PHP, and Moodle versions use PostgreSQL and MySQL. Both of them are easy to use and have various helpful features, such as discussion forums, feature to download files, grading, assignment submissions, wiki, online quizzes etc…

To summarize up, small winner of this, let’s say Claroline vs Moodle rivalry would have to be Moodle since it is slightly more advanced, and it has more users which means that improvements are constantly updated and this software is always keen to improve itself. However, if you find the Moodle features great, but you slightly struggle with its usability, then you should try Claroline, which is also a marvelous program that could help all of the students and teachers with their tasks.

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