Customizing Moodle Front Page Settings

Customizing Moodle front page settings is not as difficult as you may think. Some people believe that there are complicated steps that they need to do so as to complete this process. However, as you will realize, you only have to follow the steps that have already been put in place by the system. To start with, you will notice that when you log in, the basic appearance on the front changes. This is the reason why you should customize the entire appearance as well as the content so as to suit the needs of your business. The most important thing t focus on is the identity of the business.

Customizing Moodle Front Page Settings

The Front Page

You need to get permission in order to gain access to settings that will help you to change the front page. This can be obtained when you log in as the administrator or when you get other related permission from the site. After you click on the settings bar, you will find different parameters on the screen. Just follow the parameters because they indicate the changes that can be changed. It however is important to note that at this point, you need to be accurate with the details that you upload to avoid jeopardizing your own business.

How to Arrange Page Blocks

You can also choose to configure either the right or left column areas or both. This can be turn through the use of specific blocks. Be sure to first turn on the editing function before you start the process. You will notice when you get to this window that all the blocks that you could not see in the course section are now available. For instance things like the site description or Main Menu can be accessed here. One thing that you need to consider at this step is the specific arrangement that suits you. This can be done by considering what the people for who the course is meant want.

You also should know that the same process that is used to add blocks is what you will use to ad courses. This is the reason why you need t use standard arrows when changing their original positions. They also allow you to add any of the installed activities inside the box and so, you can easily customize he course depending on your own goals.

This is the specific step when you can use links to other websites. You also can include all the labels that you need so that you can create a menu like structure for the front page. This is a critical stage in customizing Moodle front page settings because it directly affects the access that people have to the course.

Add a Standard Welcome Message for Visitors

Adding a standard welcome message for visitors is also an important part of the process. There will be a link that says ‘Include a Topic Parameter on Front Page Settings.’ Once you locate it, be sure to open it and edit the message that shows up. Many companies often prefer to include an image or any other multimedia content alongside the message. Regardless of what you choose to put here, it is important to make sure that the message captures the attention of the reader. This is one of the things that directly determine how your course performs. If you want to attract more people, just make sure that they like what they see when they are welcomed to the site.

Integration With Other Websites

Moodle also allows you to integrate your home page with other websites. The most common feature is the one that allows someone to Login from other sites especially the social ones. The main purpose is to ensure that the users authenticate themselves. You can capitalize on this feature to make sure that you are dealing with real people.

All that you need here is your username and your password. You also can log in from your own business organization homepage. It is an important feature that allows users to avoid the Login Block. You however need to know that unless you have the skills, you might have to hire a professional to do this since it involves the use of HTML codes.

The Front Page Roles

You can customize Moodle front page settings to because it also allows assigning different roles to users. For instance, you might be able to work on and maintain the front page even without having access to other elements in Moodle. There are some tasks which are simple while others are complex. You therefore might want to ensure that each one of them is completed by a person who knows what to do.

Front Page Backup and Restore

The restore and backup facilities can be accessed through the Moodle front page. You can use this to restore anything. The best thing about it is that the mechanism is quite quick and simple. To access the files, just click on the Site Files Area’s Back Data Folder. You might want to move all these Zip files to a secure location just to be sure that the always will be there when you need them.

As for the site files, you should know that all the files in Moodle belong to a particular course. This is the reason why there is a difference between the site files and the files area. You do not have to Login to access site files as is the case with the other situation.

In conclusion, everyone who uses Moodle has specific objectives that they want to meet. In fact, you will be baffled to find out that what you are looking for is not even close to why others are using this system. You therefore need to understand your own situation well before you start the customization process. You might find it appropriate to do a lot of research and thinking. Try to also look at what others who have businesses similar to yours are doing before customizing Moodle front page settings.

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