Edmodo vs Moodle – Match Off!

Everyone’s rethinking a lot of things these days, thanks to the big boom in computing and in things like SaaS and other clever uses of the internet for more than just delivering dirty pictures. LMS is an example of this, as people rethink training and the digital application of social learning. Along with going digital in interaction and delivery, this is also spurring continued rethinking of how the basic models of learning and philosophy behind roles of students and teachers. So, with the popularity of LMS, a comparison like Edmodo vs Moodle is inevitable.

Both of these are kind of the would be kings of this domain, not unlike Netsuite and Salesforce dominating CRM, or Google dominating email and search engines. So, when you compare Edmodo vs Moodle, you’re comparing, more or less, two giants in a niche.

The thing is, they’re both giants not because they divide the people by brand, but because they divide the people by their core philosophies and motifs.

Moodle is somewhat more popular with serious training experts, because it offers audiovisual courses, wiki references, glossaries, programmable tests, and a social interaction structure that allows group learning and projects, as well as team or individual grading.

With the addition of plugins to get yet more use out of it, Moodle is the flexible framework on which custom learning services are often constructed. It’s traditional in that it is a combination of several legacy LMS concepts as a unified tool.

Its SCORM compliance also means that standard SCORM modules run on it in a very predictable way, unless you really play with its open source code a lot. That open source nature, by the way, is another big lure of this idea.

Edmodo, however, is a different kind of LMS that plays to the affinity people have for the overengineered social network concept popular today. Edmodo is based on Facebook, and one popular reviewer cited it as just that, “Facebook went to school”.

The problem here is that this means it eliminates the ability to be shaped to whatever you need, meaning you have to limit your ways of thinking to that social network mindset.

Also, to be honest, I don’t really like Facebook. You see, I’m not against social networks, but I like to keep it to a practical use of ones that do only what is needed. Twitter and Tumblr are examples. Facebook is a mess of too many ways to interact that are redundant and sloppy.

Edmodo, in its effort to mimic Facebook’s parallel channels, representation and cultural behavior with LMS purposing, has all of Facebooks problems of too much redundancy and mess that makes it more of a task to maintain status and account than to use the information traded over it.

Honestly, in the case of Edmodo vs Moodle, you can’t do a feature matchup, nor a price matchup. If the social media mindset is ideal for you, Edmodo will be a good choice. But, if you want just, that end all LMS that can probably do whatever you need, with a little hard work, then Moodle is your better bet.

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