Extensive Moodle Salesforce Integration Guide

Moodle Salesforce integration is advantageous to get both CRM and LMS functionality. Salesforce CRM platform is the leader to maintain sales and customer relation management of many companies. On the other hand, Moodle is the innovative LMS open source system. Integration of this two system often called as MoodleForce and gives both CRM and LMS functionality.

Salesforce.com is the enterprise who leads the cloud computing. They have social and mobile cloud technologies. These include CRM (customer relation management) application and the flagship sales which many of the companies around the world to connect with partners, customers, and employees in a convenient way.

To review, Moodle is an open source software known as course management system (CMS) or learning management system (LMS). It provides virtual learning environment and for this reason called Virtual Learning System as well (VLE). With the help of this free software, expert or educator people can create useful online learning sites.

Extensive Moodle Salesforce Integration Guide

In the Moodle and Salesforce integrated system, customer’s data like account number, payment number or social security number etc. information is accessed from Salesforce and frenzied in Moodle. From Moodle it can be used for reporting and printing or such like cases.

The seamless integration functions of these two platforms can be visualized when a community college client wanted to store address and social security number in Salesforce and wanted to transcripts in Moodle. The Moodle Salesforce integration system allows them to access the address and social security number from Salesforce and print transcript from Moodle without storing it.

Moodle Salesforce Integration

In this case, Salesforce data is accessed in Moodle for reporting or printing certificate. For example, birth date, address or social security number stored in Salesforce can be accessed in Moodle. The data of Salesforce that can be accessed in Moodle can be controlled. With this integrated system, managers can assign courses to employers or students and see their course progress. The results and statics given on Moodle help the decision maker to know about the return on investment and their progress. These students data can be helpful for marketing and HR to make decision of more training.

Purchased content on Salesforce will available for the use on Moodle’s online learning system. The integration increases profit and at the same time attracts new customer. This integrated system creates an easy and convenient system for your clients and create a platform for effective personalized learning. The mangers can supervise the employees progress from anywhere of the world at anytime and can modify the training progress.

The only things required to access the content that is having a device with internet connection. This system works best for the people who are busy with their meetings and business activities. Therefore, employers who have busy schedule must go for this integrated system.

Some more features of Moodle Salesforce integration is given below:

A. SSO from Salesforce: The “Single Sign On” or SSO from Salesforce is a feature of this integration by which users can login to Moodle LMS by just clicking a button and need not to enter the username and password repeatedly.

B. Certificate/Transcript Record: Social id and address of a student is stored in Salesforce very often and certificate or transcript are printed or emailed from Moodle. When anyone wants to print certificate of a student from Moodle in Moodle Salesforce integrated system,Moodle access address and SSN of the student from Salesforce, put it on the certificate, and print it.

After printing the certificate, all the data is deleted from Moodle but certificate is stored in Salesforce. Therefore, if a student wants his/her certificate after 10 years then he can get it from the Salesforce.

C. User Synchronization: If a new user is created in Moodle or Salesforce in the integrated system, it will search for previous data of the user in the whole systems. If previous data exists and need to update then it update the data and if the user is very new then it create a new account with his/her email account. If new account is created then user is synchronized in two systems.

In Salesforce, the contact is associated in appropriate account according to your program. If you want to associate data in Salesforce according to age and program like that then it will associate to an account according to the age of new user.

Moodle Salesforce Integration Benefits

  • With the integration of these two systems, it is possible to track customer training. It can also be possible to promote the training
  •  As the access to training is easy, participation is increases and it encourages goals of improvement. Student’s records from Moodle are useful for the decision making of the management.
  • The compliance and auditory needs of HR can be made from the LMS records in Salesforce
  • This integrated system increase sales of online courses and it can be tracked in Salesforce
  • This system reduced costs of staff and accuracy is enhanced. The popularity of customized eLearning system that comes with new features increases steadily. Moodle is one of the top learning management system and they update their services regularly and develop many new configurable tools. Moodle can be integrated with existing eLearning systems to generate and increase sales

In the CRM industry, Salesforce have fifteen years of experience and they made a solid foundation that allows innovation, growth and security. They have awarded many prestigious awards. They reinvented the traditional eCommerce platform. Their software is user friendly and accessible and does not require much technical knowledge to use it.

With the integration of the two platforms, your clients will get benefit of SSO (Single Sign Ons). Clients can access the site with any kind of data like client ID, email address or student number. With Salesforce multiple courses can be purchased and their network is hundred percent secured. With the sign up information given in the Salesforce can be used to log into Moodle as well. The integrated system synchronizes all users’ data very accurately.

Therefore, to increase your profit and have a user-friendly system, it is obvious that Moodle Salesforce integration is something you should consider.

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