How to Add a Resource to Moodle

Most people want to know how to add a resource to Moodle.

The first step in doing this is to log in to your Moodle site.

A resource can be a file, a folder, a page, a content package, or even a link. The file type will be displayed after. For instance, a file might be in PDF, a Word Document , or even contain other physical characteristics such as the page or even the URL.

These resources are often available for viewing and download by your intended viewers. It is only you however, who can edit or hide the resource as well as move it when needed. The fastest way for you to add a resource would be by dragging and dropping it to the section of Moodle that needs updating. You can do this directly from your computer.

You can also add a resource to Moodle by turning on the ‘edit’ option on your page. You’ll need to find the Topic or Weekly Section where you can add the file.  Once you get to the section where you want to add the resource,  you can add an activity to resource by clicking on +Add an activity or resource. The activity chooser will present a pop-up window where you’ll need to scroll down to the resource types in order to choose the one that you want to add. Next, click on add and choose desired display options. Having filled in all the desired fields you are now able to save and then you can click return to course or save and put it on display in order to be viewed by others.

After you’ve added the resource you can move it anyplace  using the move icon. You can even drag items in between the sections. You are also able to edit the item settings when you click on the update icon as well. In the event that you need to hide the item, say if you are not ready to have your viewers access this resource, you can click on the hide icon.

These two methods are the most convenient ways for you to add a resource to Moodle. After which you can successfully have it on display to the desired viewers for whom it is intended.

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