How to Assign Roles in Moodle

When you want to assign roles in Moodle, you will use free software and an electronic learning material also commonly known as Learning Management System.

Before you assign roles in Moodle, you must be able to define those particular roles first. Moodle version 2.3 gives the administrator chance to create custom roles and at the same time edit the already existing or the default roles for each and every user on the site. The roles are specifically set permissions that permit the user to have access of some functions of the moodle site.

A role is a permission that a user needs in order to make changes to the entire structure of a Moodle. The Moodle site administrators have the ability to manage and control the structure, categories and the sub-categories that makes up the frame work of moodle site. Also, other staffs are in a position to be assigned specific roles or permissions that allows them to do the creation and maintenance of various categories like year and the departmental areas and also the courses in those given categories. Many people can be assigned permissions in each role.

The Moodle site administrators can apportion roles or permissions for the course creator to a specific teacher in a particular faculty, department, class or any other area of specialization.

How to Assign Roles in Moodle in Categories and Courses

First you log in to the moodle site as the administrator of the site. Here you have to provide the username and a password then you click the login button. Then you proceed to click on a link that aids with the navigation through to the chosen category or faculty where faculty roles are going to be set up. Then you click on the link “assign roles”. Usually this appears at the top right window corner, but can be different depending on the software theme you are using.

After you turn on the editing permission, you will see the overview of the chosen roles category to assign roles. If for instance you were working on a category that has Administrator, Course Creator, Teacher, Student, Guests links; then you must click on each link and give a role description on what permission they have. You must also describe what each can do and what they cannot do.

If you click on the “administrator link”, assign the head teacher of a school for example to be the administrator. You are able to select the name of the head teacher from a list in the right window pane then click the “add” button so that the selected name appears on the left window pane. After this you click on the “assign role in category” button so as to bring back the roles window.

This process is repeated for all the links to assign all the roles within that category.

Assigning Roles in Moodle at a Site Level

The first step, you log in to the moodle site as the administrator the in the “site administration block”, you navigate to “users” then to “permissions” and finally to “assign system roles”.

The process by which roles are assigned here is the same as that of assigning roles in categories and courses above. The exception on how to assign roles in moodle for a site level is that the roles assigned do apply to the entire moodle site.

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