How to Download Files from Moodle

I’ve been getting a lot of pressing questions regarding how to download files from Moodle. So here we go.

There are many circumstances in which students may need to download files. Sometimes, as a student, you may need to take your material with you to places where you don’t have access to the internet (or at least reliable internet). Or, you may need to work offline. In such instances, you will need to know how to download files from Moodle.

Moodle is a web-based infrastructure. As a result, files are easy to pull from the internet – even within limited mobile browsers.

File Location

Given how customizable Moodle is from the teacher’s end, the files may be organized in any number of ways. No matter which format, you can always locate the files in one standard location- the ‘course content’ area in the middle of your course page.
Often, the files will be organized by date (i.e, the current week) or by the topic covered in the class. If you’re unsure where the files are stashed, you can use the messaging or forum components of the Moodle infrastructure to ask the teacher, or fellow students, where they are.

Downloading Files

So, once you find the files, how do you download them?  It’s not difficult at all. Just click on the names of the files and you are done. They will download directly to your computer. The download location depends on your platform, and browser. If you’re using the mobile version of Firefox, or the Chrome-like Dolphin, you will find them in your downloads directory on your SD card (on a mobile platform).
For PC Chrome and Firefox browsers, you will find them in your downloads directory in your main drive (usually C). For Internet Explorer, you will get a  ‘save as dialog’ by default.
If you want to choose the directory location, simply right click “Save Link As”. Just like you would do when downloading any web content. This is why SaaS systems are so useful. If you’re already used to working with web interfaces, there’s virtually no learning curve.

Now you know how to download files from Moodle.


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