How to Import Questions Into Moodle

Some people are interested to learn how to import questions into Moodle. Moodle is an open source web application that can be used to deliver some training materials. Many education organizations or schools are using this software in their system. There are several useful steps that you can follow, so you are able to create a lot of questions for your system. It is important to follow these simple tips to import questions from the network or computer to the course files. Here are some important things that you should know about this procedure.

1. Choose your question format

There are several formats that are supported by Moodle. Therefore, you have to choose the best format that can meet your needs and preference. The first format is the GIFT. It is the text format that is specially created for importing or exporting questions to Moodle. It is a comprehensive format that can be operated by many people easily. Moodle XML is another recommended format that you should use for your questions. This format is very simple for most users. It is easy to create XML files for importing all questions easily. Some people may want to use the Aiken format. This format is a simple way to write multiple choice questions.

2. Import the question into Moodle’s Question Bank

This is another important step that you have to do properly, so you can import questions to Moodle easily. This Question Bank is a server that keeps all questions in the system. You should learn how to import all questions into this system. First, you may want to visit the Question Bank option. This option is located under the “Course Administration” button in the “Settings” area. You can import questions or categories based on your needs after pressing this button. You can simply click “Import” tab to start importing all questions to Moodle system. Don’t forget to choose the question category based on your needs or preferences.

3. Use some other programs to import questions to the system

There are some recommended applications that are available today. These apps are very useful to import questions to the system easily. Diploma 6 is one of the best programs for importing questions to the Moodle system. This software can support XML files that are also supported by Moodle. Many people want to use this application because of its simplicity. They can use this program for importing all questions to the Moodle system quickly. People can simply export all questions from the Diploma 6 and import them into Moodle.

They are some useful tips that you should follow properly. You can simply follow all procedures easily without having any problems. Moodle is a great system that can be used by many people easily. This system is very simple to operate. You can input a lot of questions into the database system, so you are able to get access to these questions in the future. Importing questions to this system is not a difficult task to do. You only need to follow those tips above, so you should be able to import questions into Moodle without any hassles.

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