How To Run a Moodle Activity Report

Moodle has become one of the most popular online learning management programs for teachers in all grade levels to utilize. Much of this is thanks to how easy it is for people to utilize a Moodle activity report for their many educational needs.

One part of Moodle that all professionals can use comes in the form of an activity report. A Moodle activity report will show the views for all activities and resources and can be used to keep statistics on the ways how students are using different types of activities while on Moodle. The information listed in such an activity report can be to anyone’s benefit as people will begin to clearly notice how easy it can be for different projects to be run as necessary.

The purpose is to track student progress and to ensure that students are taking advantage of the online learning functions that they are supposed to be utilizing. This is critical as students need to use the online learning features of Moodle in order to actually get anywhere when it comes to learning the right way.

The process for running a Moodle activity report is critical for all to follow. If the right standards are utilized then it should be rather easy for all to utilize different parts out of a process.

How To Run a Moodle Activity Report

Check the Navigation Block

To start, you need to go to the Navigation block in Moodle after you have created a number of activities to follow. You must go to the Reports section and then Activity Report to get a new screen open. This will list all the open activities in your course.

This should highlight the following:

  • The names or descriptions of individual activities should be listed. These can be organized based on the chapter or project that you are working on.
  • The number of views that individual activities have gotten should also be factored in. This is critical as the only views on these programs can work through the individual log-ins that students have utilized.
  • The last time of access may also be covered. This is critical for cases where certain activities have to be done within a certain period of time.

This can be used for all activities including tests, polls and checklists. If you organize your activities and prepare your reports based on what is asked of you then it should be relatively easy for you to get the most out of any project that you want to work with at a given time.

Create Participation Reviews

A participation report can be a critical aspect of a Moodle activity report for you to follow. This will let you know which specific students have actually participated in the activities they are supposed to get into and who has not.

You will have to go to the Reports section on your activity report page and then get information on course participation through the right drop-down menu. You can stick with one of many different options:

  • You can select any activity that you want to utilize.
  • The Look Back option will help you learn about activities in certain periods of time.
  • You can also use the Show Only option to review either Student and Teacher activities.
  • The Show Actions report can also work to highlight the views, posts or both.

After this, you can then get access to the different details surrounding individual log-ins based on who has gotten onto a site and has completed all the objectives in certain activities. This can help you to figure out if certain things are being done as needed.

All reports are designed with the intention of helping people to figure out what they can get out of such a setup. This information can be a real necessity for all to explore considering how well such information is to be used. This has to be factored in quite well to ensure that there are no problems coming out of what students are expected to do as they are trying to learn.

You Can Send Messages Too

On a related note, you can always use Moodle to send emails to those who need to complete certain activities. You can use Moodle by typing in information on projects that have to be done and then share that information with students who need to complete certain tasks. This is to remind them about anything that has to be done so they will not skip on their responsibilities to take care of different types of tasks and studies as needed.

Your messages may also be adjusted with links to the different activities that people have. You can also send log-in information to your students so they will be fully aware of what they will have to do in order to actually get into their accounts to take advantage of the various tests and other activities that they are supposed to be involved with.

Make Sure You Develop a Program

The most important point for getting activity reports ready is that you understand how you are going to work with only the right pieces of information based on the courses and tests that you want to administer. You must be sure that you create the right tests and other details in your project as needed. This is to ensure that you will have the right amount of control over whatever it is you want to do with a project as needed.

In addition, the development process must also work with enough controls based on the total number of students that you have to work with. Moodle will work with as many student accounts as needed but you must make sure that each student has logged into a proper account in order to ensure that the data will be as accessible and useful as possible.

You have to keep all this information ready and intact so you can be certain that you are getting all your students to learn what they are supposed to while making the project as easy to follow as possible. Make sure you take a look at a Moodle activity report if you need to take a careful look at the ways how students in your classroom are working on their studies.

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