How to Send eMail in Moodle

For today’s Moodle tutorial, we’re going to discuss how to send email in Moodle. These mass or scheduled email functions, which a lot of SaaS has for multi-account or multi-task systems, is often underappreciated, but is actually highly useful.

See, sometimes you need a notification system which can, on a schedule, automatic trigger or manually, notify all others involved within a circle of relevance about something significant. While a lot of these systems have their internal messaging systems for PMs, notifications, chats, forums and other things, these require the recipients to be logged into their interfaces and paying attention to see.

In most cases, this means that they will see it given time, but maybe not soon enough, in some cases, which can of course be problematic. Thankfully, Moodle allows messages to be massively deployed through an external channel they will definitely see sooner if not immediately, email.

First, note that the news forum, which is created for each course automatically, and in which enrolled students to that course are automatically subscribed, will email all subscribers upon a post in the threat being made by anyone, including the teacher. For non sensitive, public things of note, this is probably the fastest, least involved way to do it.

If you need to do a more deliberate message, it’s not difficult. First, go to the navigation block to your left, and find the course that’s applicable. Expand this menu, and click on “Participants”. You’ll see all students and instructors appear in a content panel.

You may now select all of them, or individually, by checking their boxes on the right. Now, compose your message in the Message Body area, using the text editor to do any formatting you need. Preview it to be sure it’s what you intend, and then click “Send Message”. It will send to their registered email address as well as their messages on Moodle.

These are the two very simple solutions for how to send email in Moodle.

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