Ilias VS Moodle

Training is a tedious thing for everyone. It’s tedious to direct it, it’s tedious to be trained, and it’s tedious to talk about every tiny little thing about it, too. But in all those things, it’s of paramount importance, and is therefore inescapable. This has led to the proliferation of a great number of LMS systems which work hard to alleviate the many woes of training in new and unique ways. The competition has gotten fierce, as is the case with Ilias vs. Moodle.

Moodle dominates the LMS industry for the most part, and there are several reasons for this. Unlike many other LMS systems, they offer a number of different ways to operate, including course delivery models, quizzes, live lectures, video learning, Wiki management, social network integration, and a plugin system that makes its features basically limited after that.

The Need for LMS:

LMS is a must in modernity. While the classroom environment has never been loved by teachers or students, it was just tolerated as a bitter fact of life for a long time.

But, with new technologies allowing cooperative learning from anywhere over nearly any device, the classroom can at last be shed, and all kinds of different school models be implemented and hybridized.


Not that long ago, there were only a few LMS systems with much of a name, Moodle and Blackboard being among them. In fact, Blackboard is one of the oldest of the lot.

But, with the popularity of the niche, it didn’t take very long for a million others to come along. Ilias is just such a thing.

Now, it initially had a following, due to its simplicity and affordability. Its simple design made directly opening the system from mobile quite easy to accomplish, due to the low demands and thresholds.

However, criticism of this system was quick to form, due to its unpopular interface, largely considered ugly and ungainly. Its limited functions also made it a bit of a limiting decision in and of itself, and as better LMS became more mobile friendly in the natural progression of things, that mobile friendliness lost its bite.

In recent times, though, Ilias has made some significant strides to being more useful and genuinely competitive with the big boys. With a revamped interface, added functionality and a nascent extension support system, it’s showing a lot of promise.

However, this improvement is new, and as a result, there’s just not the user base to drive the building of extensions, and a community to experiment with.

Where Moodle has a vast community that is constantly developing for it, finding new and creative ways to better use it and get the most out of it, Ilias just doesn’t have it yet. Also, just because it’s improved doesn’t put it at the level of something like Moodle.


Of course we conceded just a second ago that Moodle is clearly the winner and why. But, I want to say we should all keep an eye on Ilias, because it may become quite a powerhouse down the line. Let’s consider it new again, and see if it can make a real name for itself. But, for now, in the battle of Ilias vs. Moodle, Moodle keeps the belt.

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