Instant Moodle Support Using WalkMe

It’s no secret that everyone in the training and education industry loves Moodle. Anyone who’s studied this software, or who has interacted with it knows that it’s the best thing out there when it comes to online teaching and learning. But, Moodle support is a bit of a problem…as the built in support functionality is surprisingly basic.

While Moodle offers a rich learning experience with text, video and audio, as well as organizational learning compatibility and a really rich platform, things can still go wrong. Although Moodle is user-friendly , it still is a form of  software, and at the end of the day; navigating software can be confusing.

What do you do if you need help with Moodle?

When it comes to Moodle support, there are built in FAQs and some pretty good forums. But you might need something with a little more pep. Thankfully, there’s an onboard system that’s perfect for that. (Ironically, it’s another teaching system that teaches you how to use Moodle).


If you haven’t heard of WalkMe, then you must be living under a rock. Walkme has literally transformed the world of SaaS, self service and support. Allow me to elaborate, if you will; what exactly is Walkme and how can it help you with Moodle?

WalkMe was originally designed as a tutorial creation program to replace boring training lessons.

WalkMe is a SaaS product that can be integrated with any site; it can be made aware of the elements making up the program. It can be used to make interactive mockups of other software, for a “controlled” run through of the program. This means that Walkme can see a user’s actions as the user navigates the site, in real-time. As it does this, Walkme guides the user via ‘tip balloons’ that automatically answers questions, fills in gaps, corrects mistakes and intervenes. It does this in an interactive, visual way in order to show the users where they went wrong and help them correct the errors.

Walkme is an HTML5 and AJAX powered infrastructure that executes a series of scripts (created through a point and click IDE – requiring no coding skills). It has a rich, diverse UI which can be designed and customized to any website.

Moodle Integration

When it comes to Moodle support, WalkMe has a Moodle plugin for easy integration.  Walkme guides users through Moodle courses and other tasks within Moodle. More than that, it can be used as an extra teaching tool within Moodle, training students and employees.

Walkme makes Moodle’s already impressive repertoire of teaching channels, the most impressive training system out there.

WalkMe has gone from a simple tutorial scripting tool, to a full blown and intelligent onboard system. In the same vein, Moodle has gone from being a basic information delivery and grade tracking program, to the greatest learning system available. Together, with instant Moodle support using Walkme, these 2 programs will continue to take the hurdles out of learning, and make online education more user-friendly for the world.


Nicole Lewis is the Lead Author & Editor of MyLMStips. MyLMStips is dedicated to providing the most engaging topics, information, tips and tricks surrounding Moodle®. It's a place where Moodle® users can receive guidance on how to get the most out of it and increase their productivity and progress.