Kick it Up a Notch – 5 Tips to Make Your Moodle a Bit More Fun

“Moodle now dominates the sector just as Google dominates the search engine market… Among many other things, Moodle enables teachers to upload learning resources such as PowerPoint presentations, links to websites, class notes, or message their students, and keep a display of important information such as hand-in dates for homework and reply to any pupil or student questions they might post.” — Dr. Geoff Elliott of Pembrokeshire College


With close to 80 million users, Moodle’s dominance of the learning management system field is no surprise considering the flexibility of the program. There are hundreds of ways to customize Moodle, with plugins, themes and translations. With so many customizable management features, Moodle has all kinds of hidden accessories to make your system more fun and easier to use.

Here are some tips on how to leverage Moodle in a way that’ll help students, teachers and administrators alike make the most out of their Moodle.

1. Graphical Design Themes

Moodle offers many graphical themes that change the look and functionality of the platform. We suggest keeping the layout simple and customizing a theme that makes it easier for you to use. A clean, intuitive design makes Moodle easier to use. Do you have trouble seeing? Choose dark fonts with light colored backgrounds. Keep font large enough to see while still fitting properly on the page. In order to avoid confusion, don’t overstuff each page with too much material. At the same time, keep sections organized so all shared users can easily find their way around.


2. Forum for Class Discussions

Students are connected to social media all the time. Incorporating a social aspect to the classroom creates a dynamic learning experience in which students can discuss their studies, reinforce material and help each other with questions. Create a discussion forum on Moodle to give students a platform with which to interact with each other. Forums encourage a dynamic, social learning experience in the classroom.


3. DIY Tips and Tricks

The Internet offers an overwhelming amount of information with DIY tips and tricks. After all, people constantly rely on the Internet to get answers or figure out how to do something new. Moodle provides an excellent platform for sharing this type of information. Even if you don’t work for an educational institution, you can still create your own Moodle and share your knowledge with the world.


4. Protect Your Information

Teachers should always encourage their students to submit original, honest work. When students upload their assignments to Moodle, they should also consider protecting their account from bullies or dishonest students who may steal their work. This could very well happen in a campus setting with computers sitting out in dorms, libraries, study halls, etc. Luckily, in addition to the normal security protocols, Moodle offers a feature which logs a user out of their account after a pre-set period. This simple method has proven an effective way to protect students’ intellectual property.


5. Optimal Usability

Everyone looks at the world differently. The same applies to Moodle. Not everyone will have the same preferences when it comes to organization or preferred features. What feels right for you might not feel right others. Therefore, your Moodle design needs to make sense for everyone using it. Consult students and other faculty to ensure optimal usability. Integrating an online guidance platform like WalkMe makes it easier for a large number of users accessing one Moodle platform. This software provides contextual pop-up instructions to guide users through the system. Ultimately, that will make the platform more fun and easier for everyone to use.



With the right set-up and approach, Moodle provides a useful tool for both teachers and students. Remember to create an approachable design that makes sense to all users. Create a forum to encourage a dynamic learning environment. Take advantage of the customizable features to offer your knowledge with the world in a fun and interesting way! Make the most of your Moodle by taking advantage of its many customizable management features.



Nicole Lewis is the Lead Author & Editor of MyLMStips. MyLMStips is dedicated to providing the most engaging topics, information, tips and tricks surrounding Moodle®. It's a place where Moodle® users can receive guidance on how to get the most out of it and increase their productivity and progress.