Killer Design Themes from the Best Moodle Sites

The best Moodle sites are those that use the most creative Moodle themes. It’s amazing how you can customize Moodle with different aesthetics and designs. Take a look at some of the best themes and get inspired on how to better engage and excite your audience.


2 Popular Themes Featured on many of the Best Moodle Sites

Tikli – is a theme that can accommodate a plethora of user requirements. Offering bold graphics and direct extensive administrative capabilities, the theme can be rewarding for both front and backend users. Courses can be viewed in either grid or list formats and there are four-page layouts and five color palettes to choose from. Some excellent elements include a live number-counter statistics bar, beautifully displayed testimonials area, integrated Google Maps location bar, and user support square. Graphic circles unify the design style and highlight key links. The theme has been wonderfully optimized for mobile/ tablet use.

Essential – This theme is just that and, as a result, is the most downloaded and used to create some of the best Moodle sites. It is streamlined and extremely reliable. The theme facilitates an enjoyable Moodle experience for both users and administrators, with a clean design and extremely comprehensive settings panel for detailed customization. Drop-down menu blocks are placed on the right side of the page, which is a strategic stylistic choice that brings the reader’s eye to the actual information first and foremost. The home page features three bold marketing boxes to efficiently bring attention to key information or courses, and a footer of three blocks displays all additional information. The text is formatted to be clear and easy to read, contributing to the overall polished, superbly functioning composition of the Essential theme.


2 Themes that Appeal to the Modern Student

Aardvark –  This theme boasts an interactive, fresh design. It is an extremely practical theme geared towards modern students. The user-friendly, acclaimed profile bar allows for personalized site navigation. Social media pages, school news or blogs can be thoroughly incorporated on the main page with a live RSS display. Pages are divided into three columns, so there is ample space for a lot of centralized content. The theme has a fluid width, works on all major browsers, and is compatible with all versions of Moodle.

Nunforest –  Formatted like a blog, Nunforest has  a very straightforward layout. The side menu bar is always docked on the left-hand side and features roll-over sub-menus, so navigating the site is always readily available and efficient. The front page features a slideshow, various marketing spots, and grid-based course listing. The overall effect is a bright, dynamic, straightforward Moodle experience.


Theme that Focuses on Aesthetics

Roshni – Truly a beautiful and modern theme. However, the image-heavy design, although aesthetically pleasing, may be seen as a hindrance of informational communication. The user is welcomed with a large, prominent image that works as an instantaneous branding tool, and courses are represented by block images as well (roll-over to view course name.) If you want to embrace the traditional uses of Moodle as an informational academic resource, then this is probably not the theme for you, but if you’re looking for an appealing, inviting, contemporary website design, this theme is remarkable.


The best Moodle sites are ones that are testing the limits and capabilities of Moodle. These themes are leading the pack in design and innovation, and can be a major asset and great tool for creating a beautiful, personalized Moodle site.


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