Killer Moodle Gamification Tips You Must Know

There are many ways through which you can use Moodle gamification to improve eLearning. Reliable studies show the gamifying the learning process can add a lot of value a part from enhancing the participation of the learners and teachers alike.

However, apart from the obvious things that people do in order to use this concept, there are those that are likely to yield better results. One thing that you need to know is that this being a totally new concept, there is need to incorporate only the things that are likely to make it more appealing to those for whom it is meant.

Killer Moodle Gamification Tips You Must Know

Use Badges

One of the best ways to gamify the education process is through the use of badges. According to reliable studies, those who have been using them have been posting improved results every time. This has been attributed to the fact that badges can be appealing in many ways. There also are many ways through which you can incorporate them in the course especially when you are creative enough. You only need to try them to understand the impact that these small items can cause.

The best thing about using badges for Moodle gamification is that they are very easy to create. In fact, you do not even have to work too hard designing them. The only thing that you need to do is to know how to choose the ones that are likely to appeal most to the people for whom the course is meant. However, you also need to ensure that they are unique because when you use things that are already too common, the only thing that can be expected is that nobody will even enjoy using them.

Use Game Modules

Game modules are the other option that you can use to get even more interest from the people that you want to involve in the process. Game module simply means that you should come up with small games that are both unique and interesting. In this case, you should divide them into several modules so that they can be accessed after a certain situation. In the process, you can be sure to get the attention of the learners as they are eager to find out what is contained in the next stages. This can also speed up the process of learning.

When using game modules, it is important to be careful about the games that you choose. You also should be careful about the way you arrange the modules. This is because even though this is a very effective method, some slight mistakes can spoil everything. You may not even realize it when you veer off-road because at first, you will think that you are doing the right thing. You might want t start by understanding what your learners enjoy playing most before you decide to use it. There is no need to force them to use things that they do not like.

Use Points and Rewards

Another effective way of using Moodle gamification to improve the experience of eLearning and the entire education as a whole is by using points and rewards. There are rewards that are given to those people who achieve a certain target within the time that is required. You also can award points for every achievement so that at the end of the whole process, you will get something that makes people want to be at the top. This also is an effective way of enhancing healthy competition among your students and this will definitely improve the performance of the students.

In addition to that, points and rewards can also make the whole process a lot of fun. It always feels good and enjoyable when someone knows that they are competing to earn points and that at the end of it, the points will help them to earn some rewards. This improves the interaction between the students and the teachers as they are likely to consult each other to find out how much points each none of them has. It also is a perfect source of motivation especially when you get to the topics that are not so interesting.

Use Games Developed in Rapid eLearning Course

When you use customized games, you help the students to feel as if they are exclusive to their course. Indeed. Some of the best customized games are those that have been developed in rapid eLearning courses. This is something that is done over time. Moodle gamification is all about finding something that is best suited for the specific course that you are working with. As you handle different types of students, you are likely to note that there is a trend among them that inspires specific results. You also are likely to understand some of the things that they like most.

These are the things that you are supposed to use to come up with customized games and other things to be included in future course. The main point here is to be careful enough and to take your time so as to make sure that you are noting the right trends. If you misinterpret what your students like, you can be sure that you will end up customizing the games wrongly and so, you will get poor results. You might want to look at several different aspects before you come up with a conclusion.

Social Media Sharing

There is no doubting the fact that social media platforms are powerful tools in every aspect of life. They have a big impact on eLearning because people share ideas through them. This is the reason why you should also consider extending your gamification to social media. You only need to try them to understand the power that lies behind those online profiles. You also are likely to get access to a wider audience of potential learners and tutors as well.

Following these tips will allow you to get the best results out of Moodle gamification.

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