Learn Moodle – The Best Resources

Moodle is sweeping the training and education fields like a whirlwind. This is not much of a surprise, considering how simple yet powerful this system is. A lot of SaaS aficionados are calling Moodle ‘the Salesforce of training’, since it reflects a similar system: one that can be integrated on many different platforms.

In order to take advantage of Moodle, you must first learn how to use Moodle.
What are the best resources for learning this software?

Since Moodle is a type of training program, it would be ideal if you could use Moodle in order to learn Moodle! But, because that is obviously not possible, we’ll be exploring more conventional learning resources .

Moodle is designed to remove the negative aspects of traditional learning. Below I recommend to you three of the least painful most intuitive ways to learn Moodle.

#1 – Moodle’s Own Blog and Site
This is the obvious one. Moodle’s website actually has some amazing documentation on program features. They provide a blog series, tutorials Wiki pages. Moodle is really  good about using non-condescending, layman’s terms in order to explain each feature and how to use them. Moodle’s site is a great source to keep around for quick references.

#2 – YouTube
I’m a fan of video tutorials although they do have their drawbacks. Sometimes videos have poor audio/visual quality. They can also become outdated rather quickly. If you miss a step, rewinding and re-watching is a nuisance. Nonetheless, I was surprised at how well-made many of the YouTube tutorials for Moodle actually are.

If you subscribe to the right channels, you will find many tutorials that itemize the tasks in short and concise explanations.  If you need to review elements of the tutorials more than once, it’s just a matter of reloading a small video.

#3 –  WalkMe
WalkMe is a brilliant onboard tutorial guidance system.  If you want the best way to learn Moodle, this is how to do it. You can integrate the  WalkMe app right into Moodle, and have it teach you, step by step, how to work through each task.

Walkme is integrated into the actual Moodle framework itself, so it can automatically correct users who are about to make a mistake.  Walkme is live and helps users complete their tasks in real-time. Walkme can follow your path on Moodle and guide you through  areas where you may be confused, as you are on the site. No human assistance is needed. Walkme enables users to help themselves. This is much better than video.

If you want to learn Moodle, then the Moodle site, video tutorials and Walkme are your best options. Hey, why not use a combination of all three!?


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