Managing a Moodle Course – Best Practices

A Moodle course allows the teachers to add activities and resources to be completed by their students. This course may include only a simply downloadable page or a set of complex tasks where interaction plays a great role in the progress of learning which can be observed in various ways.

The construction of this course page contains central sections containing tasks and blocks on its sides, if required. The layout of the homepage of the course is controlled by the course teacher as he can change its course anytime.

The enrolment of the students can be done in various methods including manual enrolment by the teacher, using administrator for automatic enrolment or self enrolment by the students. In case of differentiating their task the students can be added to the groups to separate them from the classes sharing the same course.

Managing the Moodle Course

After setting up your basic course in moodle you will be required to set some tools to help you in communicating with your students for managing you class. Some basic tools that can help you in this regard include working with groups, setting up the gradebook and communicating with the students. Brief information about these tools is provided here under to help you in managing your moodle course.

Working with the groups

The instructors are allowed to assign task to one or more groups of students and instructors through the groups feature of the course in moodle for an individual activity or for the entire course. It allows the instructor to change the activity based groups as the students at once get into multiple groups. Few tips that can help in working with groups to manage moodle are provided here under for your reference.

To set up groups in Moodle always wait until Add-drop is over. Membership of the groups on Moodle gets affected while adding or removing the students from the course on SPIRE. On the basis of Class Sections courses automatically create groups. You need not change the names of the groups and add or remove students from these groups as automated groups start with a tilde.

Setting up the Gradebook

The Moodle Gradebook can be used to collect scores and calculate the grades of the students. Information from the gradebook can also be exported to import the data back into moodle, if other software is used for calculating grades of the students. Another source like i>clicker data or OPSCAN exams can also be used for importing data to the course in moodle.

Communicating with the students 

In order to communicate with your students for managing moodle course the teachers can use various options including news forums, quickmail and email notifications etc. Brief information about these communication options with students can help in understanding this concept more precisely.

News Forums: It can be used as a tool of announcement for the course. Its by default appearance on the top of the course relates it to the latest news section of the course. Only teachers and instructors are allowed to post on this forum but even they are not allowed to post comments on it. Each announcement about the course is received by students by default in the form of email.

Quickmail: Instructors, teaching assistants as well as student with the consent of the instructor are allowed to use quickmail to send emails to the members of the course in moodle. Quickmail is a convenient alternative for the instructors for setting up an email list of the class in SPIRE. It allows you to send emails to the entire class, class sections, Moodle groups or individual students.

Email notifications: email notifications can be used to alert the users of particular activities including the new posts regarding a discussion forum etc. in moodle course by setting up the moodle.

Tips for Building Moodle Course

Duplicating the resources and activities

Adding activities and resources to a course is a time consuming process. So to save time you can use Duplicate feature of the moodle to add activities and resources to the course if the course has multiple similar items. If you use the same Labels in each Section then duplication will be more helpful to you. But you should remember that entire Section can not be duplicated.

Rearrangement of the moodle page items 

Items in your course can be easily moved by rearranging the items on the moodle page.

Updating the resources and activities

You should click on the Update icon to edit the settings of the activities and resources added on the course. For instance for changing the due date or the worth of the points in the gradebook etc. you will have to click on Update icon on the moodle page. In order to edit the name of an item on the page of your course you will have to click on Edit title icon.

Structuring Moodle Course

A moodle course by default is divided into three columns of which side columns contain Blocks and center contains Sections.

Blocks: Navigation block and administrative block are important among various other optional blocks on the moodle page. These blocks can be rearranged to show a particular page of the course or all of its pages.

Sections: The sections on the central column of the course page allow you to show the content and activities of the course. You can organize your course on the basis of topics, chronology or content type with the help of Sections on its page. Your Moodle can automatically provide you a section per week if you want to rearrange your course chronologically.

Moodle Course Settings

The Administration block on your main course contains overall settings for your moodle course. You can make changes on the moodle course page by clicking on the Edit Settings on the administrative block of the page. When you choose to change the course sections by Week or Topic then you will have to Edit the course settings page.



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