Moodle 2 Completion Tracking Tutorial

Today begins a new series of tutorials about the powerful e-learning and course creation software known as Moodle. Moodle is a powerful tool, and one that is increasingly popular with training professionals and even teachers in higher education, because of its easy tracking, easy design, deployment and delivery to any web enabled device known to man.

We’ll start with learning about the Moodle 2 completion tracking tool, which is one of the most powerful but taken for granted features Moodle has to offer. As I write this, no other learning program natively offers this, without some kind of plugin or additional something. This is easy to use, so don’t expect this to be very complex or involving a lesson. That’s the thing with Moodle. It’s powerful, but it’s very, very easy to use, too.

Turning Course Completion Tracking On:

Turning it on is very easy to do. Just go to the course settings, enable course completion tracking in the drop down menu, and check the box for completion tracking beginning at enrollment. You were expecting something more difficult, I bet. But nope, that’s all there is to it!

There are a few settings within the course completion you can adjust, such as the overall criteria type aggregation, which lets you regulate what qualifies as completion of a course.

There are also course prerequisites, which allow you to intervene before marking a course as genuinely complete. This may be tests, projects or other things which Moodle can account for and even design, if you wish.

Some such things that can be adjusted within these are activity completion, which will list all activities and course items you have designed within the course, and you can set which must be completed (and even tested with prerequisites) here, easily and plainly with checkboxes.

You can also configure it to be time sensitive, setting dates a course should be completed by or will be, and have it automatically update completion based on this.

You can also time students out, tying the date with duration after enrollment for bringing students in, and much more. It’s really that easy to turn on, but there are a lot of little tweaks like this within the Moodle 2 completion tracking system that let you customize it any way you need.

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