Moodle Drag and Drop – Best Practices

The most recent version of Joule 2 has made it easier for instructors to use Moodle drag and drop question type to a given Quiz action. This type of question lets users to drag answers to a given question, which is a perfect way for sorting information that is visual or based on a process. For instance, if an instructor wishes to teach content that is categorized in 4 information levels, they can evaluate the knowledge of every student by letting them match every level to its relevant title.

Features Of Moodle Drag and Drop Question Type

This question type include:

Images: You will be able to add images with the help of the HTML editor into the questions and answers.

Hints: You will be able to display a hint after you have made an incorrect effort. However, this will only be possible when the behavior of the question is set to Adaptive Mode or Interactive With Multiple Tries.

Drag and Drop Options in Moodle

Many people are interested in this question type and it is slightly because of the imminent PARCC tests. Students can answer questions in different ways and drag and drop is one of the methods. There are different ways that one can use the drag and drop option in Moodle, which include:

1. Drag & Drop into Text (Cloze)

Here, the students will simply drag text fields from the word bank into the blank area provided in the passage. Using this option, students can view more choices that the expected alternatives and they can set every choice to Infinite so that it can stay put in the word bank.

Steps of drag, dropping into text

  • Select Question Bank from the Settings, choose Questions then Create a New Question
  •  Select ‘Drag and Drop’ into Text question, then click on Next and type the sentences that will be used by students to fill the blank spaces, in the Question Text Window. You will be needed to number the items consecutively and entering a double bracket around them
  •  Enter the relevant answers for the matching bracketed item in the question text where you will be inquired to complete the Choice section. When you are done, you will add extra blanks for additional alternatives.

2. Drag & Drop onto Image

Instructors can set Drop Zones on a certain image to allow students to drop given items on it.
Steps of Drag, Dropping Onto Images

  •  Choose Question bank, then Question, from Settings and select Create a New Question. After that, you will select Drag & Drop onto Image Question then click on Next.
  • You will fill in your information in the General Section, and the Question Text will act as a guide to your students.
  • Select a background image file for your question in the Drop Zones top part. Here, you will have an option of either using the Choose a File button or drag, drop the image inside the box using the blue arrow.
  •  In the Draggable Item 1 section, you will choose the type as either draggable text or image.
  •  If you choose Draggable image, you must choose and upload an image and if you choose Text, you will be required to enter your phrase or word in the Text box.
  •  Scroll back to the Drop Zones area and click on Draggable Item drop-down box, then choose the item(s) that you had entered.
  •  Finally, you can drag the relevant items to the required location on the background image and you will realize that the coordinates are programmed in the Drop Zone section when all your Draggable items are set on the background image.

3. Drag & Drop Marker Questions

This is the hardest question type in the Moodle drag and drop options. It demands an image that is less than 400 by 600 pixels. It employs images that resemble Drop Zones image type question that is more complex. The instructor will have authority over the location and size of the Drop Zone on a grid that pops up during the editing process.

Steps for Drag, Dropping Marker Questions

  • Select Create a New Question from the Settings and Question Bank.
  •  Choose Drag and Drop Marker Question then click on Next.
  •  Fill in the General Section, here, the Question Text will guide the students.
  •  Select a background image file on the top Drop Zone area part. You can drag and drop the image in the box using the blue arrow, or using a Choose a File button.
  •  Enter the Markers names that you wish to be used by the students to drag onto the image.

To Create the drop zone for every marker, you will scroll up to the Drop Zone Section and follow these steps:

  • Click in the drop down box and choose either the polygon, circle or rectangle shape for your drop zone section.
  •  Specify the Drop Zone top left corner by verifying the x and y coordinates by separating with a comma.
  •  Once you have listed the x, y coordinates, insert a semi-colon prior to the width and height of the area that will be covered. Rectangles are written as X,Y;W,H, Circles written as X,Y;R, where R is the radius and Polygons are written as X1,Y1;X2,Y2;X3,Y3;X4,Y4…..
  • In the above examples, X represents the number of pixels from the left image edge, Y is the number of pixels from the image top image side, W is the pixel number wide of the Drop Zone sections. H is the number of pixels in height of the Drop Zone section and R is the radius.
  •  The X and Y coordinates signify the Drop Zone section top left corner.

These are some of the ways of exploiting the drag and drop options in the questions to formulate a quiz. They can either be through image, text or Marker drag, dropping. Whichever style you choose, it will be easy to use by the students, because your questions will act like instructions to them.

These Moodle drag and drop question styles are also easy to use and formulate into a certain quiz.

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