Moodle Enrollment Plugin Overview

You can enroll people into Moodle by using Moodle enrollment plugin. Different plugins provide different ways to enroll people in various courses. These plugins allow the developers to add a base class. Through the base class a developer can make use of all the different methods available for course enrollment. An individual plugging is characterized by its own custom database tables. Each plugin stores information instantly after giving input. The information fed in the table can’t be modified manually as these are protected.

Benefits of the Moodle Enrollment Plugin

Users having activated the plugins can be able to enter any course they want. These plugins also allow guest user access by enabling view capability. You can see the all the active enrollments of the current user by clicking my course show list. You can activate course participation for the users to allow them participate in various activities. You can restrict the users who have not enrolled in the courses.

Different activities may include submitting the assignments and asking a doubt to the teacher. Only enrolled users are permitted to form groups in the platform. Theirs is a feature Moodle named as Gradebook which can be used to see the grades of all the enrolled users. Role membership shows the grades of the enrolled users.

Manual Enrollment Plugin and Automatic Moodle Enrollment Plugin

Manual pluginss allow the admin and the users to handle the enrollment process manually. The automatic plugins are system controlled. The database gets updated automatically by using the plugins. Apart from that the automatically enrolled data gets stored in the external server. It is quite secured than that of the manually handled process.

Here are some of the plugins and their functionality:

OpenLML enrollment

Through this plugin you can allow auto enrollments of the students, teachers, groups and users. The plugin works with OpenLML server. Your database not only gets created automatically but also the deleted list gets updated with this plugin. The deleted teachers list is moved to attic category automatically.

Enroll by user profile field

This plugin allows you to assign a value for a user. You can enroll the user according to that stored value. External authentication scheme allows you to add a value for the user which is mentioned in the hidden user fields. By using the enrollment process can be made automatic.

Course enrollment upon approval

Through this module ‘add on approval’ feature gets activated. The enrollment procedure becomes complete after the user gets a confirmation email. The user gets to know about the approval or rejection of his enrollment through email. The whole process involves 4 steps in total. User applies for the course; administrator verifies the request of the applicant, the admin sends a confirmation mail to the applicant and user gets enrolled in the course after the approval of admin.

Cohort Greeting

The plugin allows you to add customized course greeting. It has similar function as those of the self enroll plugin. For each enrollment greeting text can be configured. For each enrollment you can provide different greetings by using this plugin.

Auto Enrollment

This plugin enrolls the user viewing any of the course or course activity. You just need to activate the view actions in the plugin to achieve the auto enrollment process. As usual the users receive confirmation email regarding enrollment. In two ways auto enrollment can be done. If the user sees course details and gets involved in some activities, he gets enrolled automatically without being asked.

Teacher Enrollment and Guardian Course Access

Through this Moodle enrollment plugin both teachers and guardians can keep a track on the child’s learning abilities. The plugin installs some of the comprehensive tools for easy assessment of a student’s results through online portal.

Role Assignment From External Database

The plugin synchronizes the users and their parents from an external server automatically. The plugin acts as a mentor for the users. The relationship gets updated by removing the old one and adding a new one to the database.


This plugin allows the users to enroll in the courses they have wished after they sign up in Moodle. This is an automatic process. You just need to name the process and then after the users get enrolled to the course upon registration.

Waitlist Enrollment

This plugin allows you to set a new filled named waitlist in your Moodle. When the enrolled user number exceeds the number of seats available, the names of the users get listed in the waitlist. Whenever there is a free seat available, you can enroll one user from the waitlist. This is an automatic process.


This plugin enables the teachers to send invitation to the students by email. The email contains a special invitation token. By clicking on the token, the user is guided to the website to start the registration process. The information inputted by the user can be changed by both admin and the user. There is a limitation to the number of invitations that you can send through this plugin. However, you can lift the limitations.

Profile Field Enrollment

This plugin allows the users to add value to their profiles. It becomes easy for the admin to add custom profile fields for the user. The values are made hidden for some management purposes. The profile fields can be the name of the country, the city, institution and many more.


The plugin enrolls only the authentic students for different courses automatically. Whenever a user accesses the server, the plugin compares the name of the new users with the authorized list. If the name of the student is found in the list, the user gets enrolled for courses automatically.


This plugin best works for the paid up courses. The plugin is enabled by the admin of the website. The manager of the website sets a price for a course. The users pay for the course and gets enrolled in the course after successful payment.


The previous version of Moodle only supports manual and self enrollment procedures. Automatic Moodle enrollment plugin equips the admin with enrollment capabilities such as category enrollments, guest access, cohort sync, LDAP enrollments, course meta link, paypal, self enrollment and un-enrollment.

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