Moodle Grades Overview

Many teachers are planning to learn about the Moodle grades system. This system is very useful to help you manage all important information about your students in your course. You can monitor the students’ performance by using this technology. It is not difficult to setup a grading system in the Moodle software. There are many benefits that you can get from setting up this grading system in your Moodle platform. You can use some features that are offered by this technology. Because of these features, many people are interested in using this powerful platform. Read this overview about the grading system from this platform.

1. All teachers can edit or manage all grades easily

This is the first feature that is offered by this grading system. All teachers should be able to edit and manage all grades from their students easily. All graded activities can populate scores automatically in the Gradebook system in Moodle platform. All scores can be manually edited or added in this system easily. You don’t have to spend your time for managing all scores from your students. You can also sort all grades based on the categories, groups, or sections. At the end of the grading process, all grades can be converted into letter grade easily.

2. Students can see their grades easily

This is another benefit that you can get from this grading system. All students are able to see their Moodle grades in the system quickly. They should be able to receive individualized reports that may display all scores that they receive from their instructors. All reports are specially created for certain students. Therefore, they can protect their privacy when they get access to this system. There is no personal information, such as students’ name, grades, and other sensitive information, that can be shared to other people or users.

3. It is easy to share the grading tasks in this system

When you are using this Moodle platform, you should be able to share your grading tasks to other people easily. This system allows you to give restricted access to some teacher assistants (TAs) to submit the grades to the Gradebook from Moodle. It means that you can distribute all grading tasks to your assistants easily without having any problems. All grades can be downloaded or uploaded to some external software tools, for example Excel, OWL, i-clicker, and some other tools. It can improve the flexibility of your grading system.

After reading this overview, you should understand why many schools are using Moodle platform for their institutions. There are a lot of benefits that you can get from this product. Grading task can be very easy when you use this system for your class. You can also visit the official site of Moodle to learn about its grading system comprehensively. You should be able to maximize benefits from all features that are offered by this grading system. You can edit, control, and modify all scores or grades from your students easily. All grades can be stored in the server easily without any hassles. It is easy to manage all Moodle grades for your students.


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