Moodle Hotpot Review

For those who use Moodle to teach, an important plugin that you must install in your learning management system is the Moodle HotPot. For those new to Moodle LMS, Hotpot or hotpotatoes files can be uploaded and managed as private files. However, if you have to link the files in with Moodle, then you need to install the hotpot plugin contributed for Moodle.

So, What Is Moodle Hotpot?

This plugin can be defined as a module that allows teachers using Moodle Learning Management System to administer hot potatoes files and TextToys questions through moodle. The quizzes are design on the teacher.

Once the questions are attempted by the students, various reports are made available. These reports indicate how each of the questions was attempted by the learners and the statistical trends on the scores. This not only makes teaching easier but also helps the teacher to assess the performance of their students and therefore help them learn better.
What Kinds Of Questions Are Supported?
One of the beautiful aspects of Moodle hotpot is the fact that it supports a variety of question formats commonly used in teaching. Different subjects may require different quiz formats. The kinds of questions supported by Moodle hotpot include:
Multiple choice questions (MCQs) in which learners are asked to select the best possible response or responses out of choices provided in a list.

Short answer questions (SAQs) in which a learner is expected to type in a word but usually phrase that answer the question asked. These questions also require images.

Jumbled sentence questions, which require student to create complete sentences by choosing words from a drop down list

Crossword puzzle questions, which are word puzzles written in a numbered grid format. Clues are provide by number for down (top to bottom) and across (left to right).

Matching/ordering type of questions featuring a content area as well as a list of statements or names, this must be accurately matched against another list of statements or names.
Gap-fill exercise, which is an English teaching method to help student know how to use certain vocabulary in their speech

How to Install Moodle Hotpot

Now you have an idea of what this plugin is. The next question is how do you install it in your moodle mod directory? Here is how to go about it. Use the following steps.

1. Download the Hotpot plugin from Moodle official website. It is a zip package.

2. Unzip the package and it will reveal moodle-2x.hotpot-module folder

3. Extract the folder> mod and place the hotpot folder in htdocs/your moodle/mod/

4. Locate the Settings block and go the button designated

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