Moodle VS Canvas – Who Wins?

The Moodle VS Canvas debate highlights the increasing popularity of online learning tools. These are the two of the leading online learning platforms in the market. Each one of them offers various benefits. However, it is important to know the specific features offered by each system to choose the most appropriate one.

Moodle VS Canvas Comparison


Moodle is a unique online learning platform that helps to bring education to people wherever they are. It is an open-source learning management platform designed to offer a single integrated, safe, and robust system to learners, administrators, and educator. The platform is used to develop personalized learning settings. One of its strong points is its ease of use. The platform allows teachers to make any changes they want to create unique learning experiences.

It is ideal for teachers who are looking for an online learning platform that allows them to teach in different ways especially if they have limited resources. This aspect makes it easy to determine the winner in the Moodle VS Canvas contest. It is a great distance learning tool. Students who do not learn well in conventional classroom settings can also take advantage of this platform. Its simplicity is one of the most interesting aspects about this platform. However, there are various setup features and settings that make the platform stand out in the Moodle VS Canvas contest debate.

Moodle is an effective tool for both students and teachers. It is appropriate for students and instructors who want to shift to an online classroom from a conventional learning setting. This makes the platform a good choice for distance and online learning. However, Moodle can also be used by groups in close proximity when they are outside the classroom. It can be used to supplement traditional learning to make it easy to train students and record information.

The Moodle VS Canvas contest is quite simple if you consider availability. Moodle is available in 237 countries across the world. There are more than a million teachers registered on the platform. Over 70 million people use this platform in various countries. This demonstrates its popularity among both students and teachers. The reach also reveals its potential as an online learning tool. The resources available on the platform are way beyond what you would get in a conventional learning environment.

When you log onto the site, you get access to up to date open courses. These courses can be accessed by both students and teachers. Courses available for each week are categorized by time. Users also have an opportunity to see other participants on the platform if they are registered to the course you enroll for.

The platform allows users to check their grades without restrictions. You get a grade for each course your register for. This makes it easy to track your performance.

Students also have a chance to earn good behavior badges. They can create site profiles on the platform and interact with their classmates at their convenience.

The Pros

Moodle does not need an uploader. This allows users to drag and drop any content they want on their page. It comes in 95 languages and this allows users from different countries to use it. This platform is available for free and this is a big plus for it in the Moodle vs. Canvas contest.

The Cons

The tech support offered by the platform is mediocre. This may be attributed to the fact that the platform is available for free.


It is considered to be one of the best e Learning platforms. Canvas provides some exceptional Web 2.0 elements. This platform is capable of conveying information instinctively. Instructors and student can navigate trough the site with ease. The site is well designed and this gives it an edge in the Moodle VS Canvas debate.

Canvas makes it possible for students to integrate their course accounts with various social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. It is available at no charge for individual instructors and students. However, institutions are required to pay a fee to use the platform.

One of the aspects that make this platform a potential winner in the Moodle VS Canvas contest is the fact that it makes it easy for instructors to offer learning material. Instructors can easily create assignments from various locations on the site. The platform analyzes the information automatically and delegates it to the appropriate course calendar and grade category.

Grading is simplified on this platform. It features a speed grader that allows instructors to grade assignments within a short period. The load time is shorter compared to other platforms and this is a significant advantage for it in the Moodle vs. Canvas debate.

Students can monitor their performance in the various assignments and classes they enroll for. They can also engage in discussions with other users. It comes with a grade book that students can use to check their individual assignment grades and overall performance. The platform also allows students to check how an improvement in a certain course can affect their overall grade.

It is easy to connect an account on the platform to various email addresses, social media profiles, and phone numbers. This makes it possible to access your account from different sites


Its intuitive and easy to use format is definitely a significant advantage. The Canvas site has a clean and simple design. Grading has been simplified on this platform and this is a major plus in the Moodle vs. Canvas contest.

The fact that it allows social media integration also makes it an attractive option for users who want to interact with the platform in different ways.


One of the main drawbacks of this platform is its tendency to change to older versions of a document once you have made changes. The system can also be unpredictable at times and this can be frustrating for users.

It is difficult to find modules offered on this platform because they are not on stand alone pages.


Canvas is a simple platform that comes with an intuitive format but the fact that it can be unpredictable works to its disadvantage. On the other hand, Moodle allows users to make changes to the platform to suit their learning settings, is reliable, and it is available for free. For these reasons, Moodle wins the Moodle VS Canvas contest.

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