Moodle VS Docebo – Match Up!

Moodle VS Docebo is a war that has been around for sometime now. Both are two learning management solutions (LMS) that have great history behind them. Over the last couple of years, Docebo and Moodle have evolved in terms of features to become among the best LMSs.

Docebo has come into the market with the fast to deploy solution which has come in the form of the Cloud. Moodle on the other hand is based on the original formula. This implies that the users still have to download and the install this fantastic LMS over an active private server.

Moodle VS Docebo


One advantage of Docebo is that it is very clear and easy to use. When you use Docebo, you will be able to deploy your project very quickly. This is majorly facilitated by the SaaS formula. With this you can quickly activate your personal LMS and take only a couple of hours to have your customization completely done.

This not only saves you time but also ensures that you finish your projects within the required span of time so you fully reap the benefits. If you need any from of assistance for the LSM, Docebo support team gives you the assistance as soon as possible. This support service is available free of charge and the clients are able to get it any time. Another advantage of Docebo is that it is easy to use.

However, using the advanced features is normally a daunting task. This might require you to spend a lot of time learning and mastering the features. The process of learning is not an easy one and it requires a lot of commitment. If you are not ready to spend time and learn about the features then you will just have to stick to the simple features that require basic knowledge.

Design of Docebo

Design is another platform where the Docebo VS Moodle war is normally fought. The Docebo platform is specifically designed to address business training needs. With Docebo, the HR Manager can be able to get tools that they can use when giving or doing corporate training. Features and tools such as massive enrollment of users, organization charts, statistics and report tools can be very useful to the human resources team.

Docebo Features

Docebo, just like other LMSs, boasts several features. The features and tools are carefully and strategically incorporated into the platform to help the users in their various projects. Some of the common features that are found in Docebo are easy to use while others require in depth training.

Main Features: 

  • Users tracking activity and reporting
  • API System for the Integrations
  • Multilanguage
  • Tablet Compliant
  • User management and organizational mapping
  • Off The Shelf integrations – API
  • One-page style Interface
  • White Labeling for the customization and reselling
  •  Stunning UIX
  • On-the Cloud SaaS
  • SCORM 1.2 & 2004 compliant
  •  TinCan Support
  • Integrated with Word Press
  • Embedded converter for PPT, ODP and PDF files; among others
  • E-Commerce functions
  • Assessment, Quiz and Survey making tools
  • An integrated Video Conferencing software
  •  Linkage to a Marketplace that offers free courses


Moodle is a free learning LMS that is also referred to as a course management system. The platform has evolved over the years in terms of features and functionalities thereby increasing the number of users of the platform. The platform has a staggering number of registered and verified users across the globe. This has been influenced by the fact that it has stuck to its original formula.

Unlike Docebo which has resorted to using the cloud based SaaS platform, Moodle has decided to stick to its original platform thereby proving the users with continuity. The platform is free and easy to use. All you need is to download the software and install it over an active private server. Moodle is used to in several online as well as offline classes. It has also been used in several other aspects beside its main use as a classroom platform.

Main Features:

  •  Hiring and Interviewing
  •  Roll-out Products and Services
  •  Management of Compliance Training
  •  Competency Tracking
  •  Creating and maintaining collaborated knowledge base
  •  Inter organization discussion forum,
  •  Web Conferencing
  •  Carrying out workshop
  •  Obtaining feedback

The Design of Moodle

The design of this learning platform is done is such a way that promotes collaboration, activities and critical reflection. This has been achieved through the use of a user friendly interface that allows for this to be possible. The design is made in such a ways that it is suitable for the classes that are purely online as well as supplementing the face to face learning.

It is easy to install and what is need to use it is just a single data base. The full data base abstraction that is available in Moodle makes it able to support almost all the major data base brands. Apart from the fantastic design features, Moodle support team offers both free and pair assistance for its clients. This therefore ensures that you get the needed technical support and advices should you get stuck when using any of the features.

The Moodle platform supports several modules. Some of them include the wiki module, forum module, learning module as well as the quizzing module. This varied module provides the user with a wide range of functionalities to choose from.

This has been one major reason why users have always stuck to moodle over other available LMS. In addition to these Moodule has dedicated knowledge center forum where you can get information ands assistance on the different aspects of the platform. In the knowledge center platform, users share information on their experience while using the product. In addition to that a dedicated support staff is always available to help answer the technical questions that might arise.


In the Moodle VS Docebo battle, Moodle takes the crown because of its ease of use and powerful features.

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