OLAT VS Moodle

OLAT VS Moodle would refer to discussion on both of these online applications which are learning management systems and are used for educational purposes.

Learning management system or LMS refers to the learning procedure which solely is based on online applications. E-learning is something that every technology aware person out there is used to having access to. There are several learning management systems that are in use these days which include Moodle and OLAT. Moodle stands for Modular Object oriented Dynamic learning environment where as OLAT stands for online learning and assessment tool. Both of these are popular LMS that are very much in use these days. This article is going to have a detailed discussion on OLAT VS Moodle.


Moodle is written in PHP and is one of the very popular LMS these days. This particular software is free to use and has more than millions of users which include teachers and students of several standards and studies. Martin Dougiamas crated Moodle for several people who are related to education on some way or the other and for the people who are looking forward to share their knowledge with others and educate others through a common platform. Moodle.com.prx2.unblocksit.es is the official site for this particular software and is available to all the users across the world. Moodle uses the cross platform operating system. There are several applications of this particular e-learning software.

Some of the popular applications are submitting assignments, discussing topics in the public forums, download files which are related to the studies that are specific to the users, Grading systems are available as well where one could assess themselves and get points for their performance. Moreover the user interface of moodle is very attractive and allows the users to maintain and use the application easily.

There are several subjects that are preloaded with this application. Users can simply choose the subject of their concern and complete the tasks related with it. The application has several people controlling it. The administrators maintain the database, the manager maintains and manages all the tasks to keep it from getting disrupted, the teachers teach and upload information on the database of the application which again is used by the students for their own interest and purpose. This can be used for primary as well as higher range of education because it serves all of the purposes quite neatly


OLAT is another online application which is used for educational purposes for people who are interested to share their knowledge and for the people who are interested in gaining knowledge for others. OLAT is a web application and ruby has been used as the scripting language for writing it. It also uses the cross-platform as its operating system which is based on the very powerful JAVA programming language. It is a open source so whoever installs it are capable to use this according to their own purpose and manipulate it accordingly as well.

Apache provides the license to this particular application. The official site of OLAT is olat.org.prx2.unblocksit.es which is available to all. The features of OLAT are very intriguing as well and are very much similar to that of the moodle. The users can manage their content in the site and can modify it according to their knowledge and use. There are discussion forums available here as well where one could discuss their problems with the others registered with the application and even add their own take on the problems posted by others.

Discussions over certain tasks are also an add-on to the facilities provided by this particular application. Quizzes are performed as well where the registered and interested candidates can participate. The registered candidates and users can even chat with one another because there are chat options available where one could go online in order to have some talk to the more experienced one to gain more knowledge.

Instant messaging is an add-on too to the OLAT where it is able to connect people altogether instantly and allow them talk to each other at the same time. OLAT is very flexible. It is very much like the social networking sites these days, where one gets to be notified at once for the results of the latest actions made by them. Users can load their personal files in their own OLAT application which will not be accessible to others. There are also facilities provided by OLAT to prepare for the term examination where some students together can contact a particular teacher and prepare for their exam.

When it comes to the battle between OLAT VS Moodle, it is difficult to choose a winner as depends on the user and his or her needs.

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