Our Monthly Must Reads on LMS and Moodle

I’ve taken the liberty of compiling a list of the 6 “must reads” from this past month. Expect to see pros and cons, how-to’s, and tips for user accessibility. Some guaranteed great reads for the beginners in LMS to the most advanced Moodle users.


Tips for Creating a Mobile Friendly Course in Moodle

We’ve come to a point where everything must be accessible by mobile phone, and Moodle is no exception. By reading this article, you will gain insight on how to properly use Moodle on mobile devices. The author stresses the importance of carefully explaining Moodle’s mobile version to students, and reminding the students to turn notifications on so they will constantly be informed.No More Confusing Documentation

No More Confusing Documentation. No More Frustrating Video Tutorials – This is Not a Dream

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on How to Use Moodle

The new 2016 edition of Moodle is well explained in this article. The article also discusses Moodle’s importance and how to use it most effectively. As the author notes, one of the key features of Moodle is the ease of use for both teachers and students. From start to end this article can be used as a concise guide for the “Moodle-ly” inept.


The LMS is Dead, Long Live the LMS! (10 Pros and Cons)

To use LMS or not to use LMS- that is the question posed in this article. The author gives his 10 pros and 10 cons of this software. Among the appealing pros pointed out in this article include the attractive low-cost of LMS in comparison to alternatives, security from hackers and malware, and integration of data management and storage.


Have You Used Easter Eggs to Boost Learner Engagement?

Students often lack motivation to complete coursework. Moodle allows you to leave “Easter Eggs” (hidden rewards) for students to find and unlock. The article above explains the ways in which Easter Eggs can boost engagement from the students. After completing certain tasks users are able to unlock rewards or badges, and this will motivate students to get their work done.


Blackboard and Moodle Now BFFS

This article briefly touches on the relationship and history between Blackboard and Moodle. The author posits that Blackboard needs Moodle for growth, while Moodle receives substantial monetary contributions from Blackboard each year. Overall, the author illustrates that this union is good for users of LMS and for those who simply support the growth of the free market.


Moodle Mondays- Adding YouTube Videos to Your Course

How can you add YouTube videos to your Moodle courses? How does using YouTube videos together with Moodle help you accomplish your goals? These are the questions that Daniel Mackley addresses in his article. For instance, he explains that users can add videos by embedding them or by using a link. Using videos to teach has become more mainstream, therefore teachers have to be careful that they are using the best and most interactive techniques for teaching.


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