Moodle Course Administration Block Features

The Moodle Course Administration Block is an exceptionally significant block for the instructors with a number of unique features. Its features provide full access and controls for the management of the course and its structures. Its features allow you to organise, the enrolments of the students and tutors, enrolment groups, handle as well as manipulate

The Complete WordPress Moodle Integration Guide

WordPress Moodle integration allows users to blog and makes the pages available on the internet. Moodle, as you know, is a free learning management system. It includes features like news, announcements, online quizzes, calendars, a discussion forum, file downloads, and instant messages. It allows unlimited number of servers to be added with it as it

How to Use Moodle Quickmail

Moodle Quickmail allows you to communicate with all or a select group of students via email. You can also communicate with your teaching assistants in the same way. You can even sent multiple attachments using the platform. Under certain conditions, you can also allow students taking your course to communicate with each other. The Quickmail

Moodle Rubric Grading – Complete Guide

The Moodle rubric, a system built for criteria-based assessment, explicitly describes the performance expectation for an assignment. The rubrics have several criteria and each criterion has several descriptive levels provided. A rubric identifies several attributes. They include descriptions, performance levels and the criteria. Criteria take into account the performance aspects that an instructor intends to