How To Customize Moodle

A lot of users wonder how to customize Moodle. It is worth mentioning that Moodle can be completely customized in terms of branding and layout. It is important to understand that certain aspects of changing the feel and look require specific design skills. When you’re an administrator, you can make most relevant adjustments. However, it

Moodle VS Chamilo – It’s a Battle!

The Moodle VS Chamilo supremacy competition has been going on for a while in the online learning platform business featuring new releases that enhance functionality. LMS (learning management systems) and VLE (virtual learning environments) have become a common phenomenon with the increased global number of internet users. Most scholars and businesses now rely on e-learning

Understanding Moodle Quiz Module

The Moodle quiz module is a module of Moodle, an e-learning platform developed by Martin Dougiamas in Perth, Western Australia. Moodle is the acronym for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment and it is a free software used for creating online courses. It offers independent study material with blended teaching contexts for distance learning programs. The