Setting Up A Moodle Lesson Activity

The Moodle lesson activity will entail a number of web pages that have been designed for the students to help present a number of activities related to a certain course. The lesson activity might be applied as a substitute of the Book recourse, which is a sequence of content pages. The lessons in Moodle might be categorized and graded using questions that are meant for scoring. The questions might be used basically as a resource of pages that are not graded, or it could be a blend of the two.

Setting Up A Moodle Lesson Activity

1. Enable The Editing Mode

First things first, you will need to turn on the editing mode, which will help you to create the lesson activity. To turn on the edit mode, you will find the button at the top screen, at the right corner. You will then need to click on Turn Editing On, which will activate the edit mode.

2. Add Resources

You will then need to choose the topic of your preference, and click on Add Activity. When you choose the topic, the Activity selector will open. After that, a window will pop up, and you will need to use the drop-down menu, under the Add To option. This will help you choose where you will position your created Activity. You will then decide on the Activity that you will need to add to the folder. You could also add the Activity directly from the course. After that, you will need to choose the Lesson, then click on Add, which will include the lesson in your folder. Suppose the Activity has been switched off, you will need to expand the Add An Activity menu, then choose Lesson from there.

3. Complete The Preferences

When the lesson activity is added, a new window will come, which will need you to complete the basic settings. When the window appears, here are some of the things that you will be needed to fill:


  •  The Name – You will need to give the lesson a name, according to your target, and relevance.
  •  The Time Limit- The time is also vital, so you will need to indicate the time limit of the given lesson that you are creating.
  •  Date – You will also need to choose the relevant date, indicating when the activity should begin, and when it should be terminated.
  •  Answer Limit-  You will also be needed to indicate the maximum answers that a student should fill in the lesson activity. You should also choose the limit, in relation to the type of answers. The setting can be altered at any time, but it will not affect the data that has been inputted.
  •  Password- You will then need to activate the lessons that have been protected by the Password.


These settings will help you come up with the correct description of the lesson, which will help the students access it in an easier manner.

4. Modify The Rating And Grading Preference

You will need to choose a specific rating scale, you can also decide the number of points that needs to be scored in the given lesson. After choosing the rating scale, you will need to choose the Gradebook group, which you will position the Lesson that you have created.

Define The Grade Alternatives

With the grade options, each option will have its own meaning. Here is are the possible options to choose;


  • Practice Lesson –  If you enable this option, you will not have a Practice Lesson in the Gradebook
  • Custom Scoring –  This option will allow every answer to have a numerical point value, either a negative or a positive point value
  • Allow Retakes – Allowing the Retake option will let the partakers to attempt the Moodle Lesson Activity several times
  • Handling Retakes – This option will specify if the Lesson grade is the maximum or the mean of all the trials
  • Display The Score – When you allow to display the current score, each page will have a display of the student’s current points that they have earned over the total points


Defining The Control Setting Flow

These options will also have an effect on the entire lesson activity, and you can also choose if or not to enable them. They include the following;

  •  Allow Review Of Participants- This will let participants, mostly the students, to go through the Lesson activity to check for any mishaps
  •  Option To Retry A Question- This will let the student to retry a question if they had answered it wrongly. In this case, there will be no need of a point credit to retry the question
  •  Maximum Attempts Allowed- With this, it will determine the maximum attempts that a question can be attempted. Suppose the question is answered wrongly within the attempts allowed, the Lesson will move to the next page
  •  Action If The Answer Is Correct- You could decide to put three options here, if the answer is correct. You could choose to set it as normal, which will proceed to the next step, or choose to show a random page that has not been visited. And finally, you could choose to show a page that has not been answered, which will also be shown randomly.

All these selections are for the sake of providing the students with options as they go through the Moodle Lesson Activity.

5. Select The Dependent On Settings

You will need to choose the dependent on setting, which will let the Lesson be accessed depending on the performance of a student in a different lesson, but within the same course. You will need to choose the dependance, in terms of the time taken to complete, the complete termination, and the grading.

Set The Completion Settings

When you enable the Activity completion, it will be tracked either automatically or manually, in relation to the conditions set. You will need to choose the completion tracking method, and the date that the activity must be completed. When all is done. You will click on Save and Display, which will commence building pages in your Lesson.


Always ensure that you have made the right settings for your lesson, for the sake of avoiding errors, in terms of grading, and the entire lesson activity process. The Moodle Lesson Activity must also have clear descriptions, in order to provide the students with precise information.

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