The Best Moodle Addons to Enhance Your Experience

There are some recommended Moodle addons that can improve your overall experience. Moodle or Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment is a famous e-learning platform. This software is commonly used in many schools, colleges, and other educational institutions.

It is very useful to help all instructors create some online courses quickly and easily. This software can be adjusted based on your needs. You can also add some additional addons for improving the functions of this software.These addons are very useful for both students and teachers who are using this Moodle platform.

The Best Moodle Addons

1. Drag n Drop Upload

This is an important addon that you can add to your Moodle platform. This feature is very useful to help you move any documents or files easily. It is not difficult to transfer any files or documents to Moodle platform. This addon is also able to upload all files at the same time. Many people want to install this addon because of its flexibility and efficiency. All users are able to save their time when they are using this feature in this platform. It is very easy to add some materials, courses, and some other files to the Moodle platform.

2. UploadPDF

Many users want to find the best Moodle addons for their needs. Some people are interested with this powerful plugin or addon for Moodle platform. This tool is very useful for both instructors and students. When you are using this tool, all students are able to submit their assignments via this tool. They can simply convert their assignments to PDF files before they can submit their documents to the Moodle platform. This addon allows all users to make some changes or settings before they can upload their PDF files to the platform. This feature is believed to be very effective to save all students’ time. Many people are happy with this software when they need to submit their assignments.

3. Checklist

This is another recommended addon that you should add to your platform. This feature is very useful for all instructors and students. It is a normal thing to have several things to do in schools or other educational institutions. This checklist is very useful for improving the communication among teachers and their students easily. All instructors can use this system to create checklists for their students. It is very easy to use this tool in this platform. Many users are satisfied with this plugin because it has a lot of benefits for all users. This checklist is useful to control all progress from all students easily.

4. Slideshow

When people are looking for the best Moodle addons, they should take a look at this tool. Many instructors are happy with this addon from Moodle platform. This plugin is very useful for all users. It is very simple to use this addon in this platform. You can simply upload several photos at the same time. Then, you can resize some of them before displaying them on your slideshow. If you are a creative teacher or instructor, you may want to use this tool to deliver your course materials. This slideshow can be accessed form the students’ computers or networks easily. This slideshow has permission feature that allows the interaction between students and teachers.

5. Gmail integration

This is another addon that is good for all users. Gmail is one of the most popular email providers these days. Many people are using this email for managing their email messages. You can download the Google application for your Moodle platform. This application allows you to get access to some products from Google, for example Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google search page, and many other products. It is very easy to share the course materials by using Google Docs in Moodle platform. There are some clear instructions that you can follow easily, so you can start using this addon quickly.

6. Online Audio Recorder

It is one of the most popular Moodle addons these days. Some people want to install this addon on their Moodle systems. This is an important thing that you need to consider. This plugin allows all teachers or students to submit their audio files to the system. All users are able to record the audio directly before they can submit this audio file to the platform. This addon works perfectly with Flash system. Many people are using this tool because it has a lot of benefits for all users. You don’t have to do any complicated procedures when you are planning to upload your recorded sound.

7. QuickFind List

When you have to deal with a lot of students and other users, you may want to consider using this tool. This is an essential tool that you should have in your Moodle platform. This application allows you to search for all students and their information easily. All users are able to get access to the database from their Moodle platforms easily. This system works similarly as the Google Instant Search tool. Many instructors usually want to use this addon for searching some of their students. There are some additional details or personal information that can be found in this system.

8. Certificate

This is one of the best Moodle addons that should be added to your platform. This tool is very useful to give awards for all students. This certificate is able to certificate to all students who have already completed certain activities. Some instructors want to use this certificate when they want to reward their students for completing certain modules. Many people believe that certificate tool should be added to the Moodle platform. They claim that the certificate can be used to motivate all students to learn diligently.

They are some recommended addons for Moodle platform. These addons are very popular among many users today because they can bring a lot of benefits for all users. Many of them can help all users improve their overall experience. It is not a difficult thing to install these addons in your Moodle platform. You can simply install some of the most recommended Moodle addons that are suitable for your needs.

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