The Best Moodle Training Videos and Youtube Channels

Before I delve too deeply into Moodle training videos, I want to get one thing out of the way. I am a fan of video as a teaching tool for anything technical. Video is also great for information absorption (such as through documentaries, biographies).  But, for teaching a task or process, such as Moodle customization or e-learning, video has its downfalls.

First of all, if you miss a step while following a tutorial you have to pause, rewind, watch, perform the action, then pause again, rewind, watch etc… what a time-consuming pain!

How much better would it be if you didn’t have to stop the video along the way? What if you could be guided along while you were doing the actual Moodle task?

WalkMe is the best teaching tool out there for learning new systems, such as Moodle. It is a training and tutorial system that requires no programming: just point and click. Walkme has tip balloons that guide the user through complex Moodle tasks: step by step. The best part: It is integrated into many live software programs, such as Moodle.

This is how you teach someone to use software- by being there with them.

However, if you feel that traditional training videos is a better learning methodology for you, then you are lucky; Moodle has created a slew of training videos!
These are all YouTube videos which can be found under the given ‘Moodle’ username. There are also many channels that host helpful Moodle videos. Allow me to recommend some Moodle training videos for you:

#1 – Getting Started: A Brief Overview of Moodle 2.0 (titan techtraining)
When you want to learn about a completely new software, the first thing you should do is watch an overview of how the software works; i.e,  what it’s essentially used for and what functionalities it offers.

Titantechtraining is a highly-respected training video channel on YouTube that offers many Moodle videos. While Moodle 2.0 is no longer the current Moodle version in use, this overview still holds up fine. The changes for 2.3 and above are so minute they that don’t effect the overall review. I recommend this video as a starting point.

#2 – Creating a Moodle 2.3 Course (pascoschools)
Pascoschools is another highly respected training channel on YouTube. As far as video learning goes, they have the most concise series of Moodle courses out there.

When learning complicated software, visual and auditory quality is critical; , Pascoschools (similar to Titantechtraining) excels in narration, content, and video quality.
(I have a suggestion for the Moodle teachers out there… after  the overview, check out Pasco’s multipart training series. It is ready-to-go on a playlist for easy access).

#3 – Moodle Explained with Lego (Tomaz Lasic)
This training video is short and simple.  It made the list because it’s unique in how it teaches the functionality and inner workings of Moodle. The video visually breaks down and explains Moodle tasks so well, that every demographic (even babyboomers) can easily pick it up. I recommend this video as a supplement to cement how the system works.

These training videos are a good place to start learning Moodle. The channels listed here have additional Moodle training videos to further the learning process. I also recommend using the WalkMe option to guide you through Moodle, rather than video alone.

You have many Moodle training resources at your disposal, Good luck!


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