The Complete Moodle Grade Book Guide

Instructors who want to take advantage of an innovative way of updating, tracking, importing and reporting their grades should make sure that they are looking at moodle grade book. Moodle grade book is an idea software system for teachers who need a one-stop shop for keeping up with their students academic activities in their classroom. It helps with cutting down on all of the hustle and bustle of manual recording processes since it provides the teacher will an automated option that makes her or his work much more efficient and accurate as well. For those who are interested in this automated classroom grading system, here are some of the top features that instructors can look forward to.

The Complete Moodle Grade Book Guide

Grading Assignments Automated

In the past, some teachers would spend all night long grading their students test papers. Since some grades were due by a specific time in order for students to receive all of their final grades on time, these times could easily be overwhelming and a exhausting experience. Even though the teacher would often be very tired and sleepy, no mistakes could be made because it could make the difference between a student passing or failing for the school year. With this said, today’s teachers have many advantages since technology is actually driving the processes in which papers are being graded today.

Fortunately, due to all of the comprehensive features included in Moodle grade book, teachers have everything that they need in a one stop centralized educational grading environment. In specific, the Moodle grade system allows teachers to upload assignments for their students to complete, and then allows them to submit the assignments back to the instructor via this software application. Once the students have completed and submitted their assignments, the teacher can grade each accordingly without having to receive or pick up physical paperwork from the student. Thereby, allowing the teachers to spend less time grading papers and more time during other important tasks that relate to their student’s overall success for that period of time and the end of the school year.

Grades Populated

Another great feature that teachers and students alike can appreciate is the ability to check their grades online without having to wait for the teacher to pass out each grade to their students. Instead, since the grades will be automatically populated when the teacher releases them for review, students can check them as soon as they are posted. The system is also designed to give the teacher the authority to hide specific scores so that others cannot see their grades. Which means, teachers have special control that they can use any time that they want to make adjustments or changes. For instance, if the grading key was marked with the wrong answer, the teacher could adjust the class scores easily before each student sees the final grade for the test.

Student Privacy Security

Security is an important issue in any student grading system, especially since the student’s grades are confidential and cannot be shred. Because the grades can only be seen by the student and their teacher, the features designed in this application accommodates these needs and requirements.

Grades Displayed and Sorted by Groups

Many times a teacher has more than one class that they teach a specific subject to. Therefore, they usually need help with keeping each class separated. Large and small classes alike can be difficult to keep separated, especially when the teacher is administering final exams for large groups. Fortunately, there is a feature that handles these groupings. One in which allows the teacher to identify each student with their prospective class. Also, because this information is recorded in a database, it can be retrieved to be used in other formats as well. For instance, if a teacher needs to know which students in each class will need more help because their grades are low, they can run a report to see who all of the students are that need the additional help. Once retrieved, the teacher can provide the students with an effective training session that will help them to catch up and then keep up with their class mates.

Grade Conversion Features

Another great feature that teachers like to use is the grade conversion feature. The grade conversion feature is also great for saving time. For instance, when the teacher grades their papers, they normally record their grades in a numeric format in order to come up with a final score (i.e. 75, 85, 95, and so forth). Because each grade will need to be converted to a letter grade, the teacher would normally make these conversions manually. So, there could be quite a bit of delay at the last minute. With this new automated process, the grades are automatically converted from numeric to alpha grades. Therefore, the teacher does not have to make any unnecessary mistakes with converting numeric grades to alpha incorrectly.

Report Features

In addition to providing grade conversion features, the teacher will also have access to all kinds of different reports. These reports can be used for a wide diversity of reasons and purposes. Many of which can complement the teachers objectives and goals to improve their school grades, whenever applicable. These reports can also be used to find out information that relates to which tests that all of the students did their best on and which ones that they did not do as well. Regardless to the situation, the teacher can use this data to find which classwork that they will need to go over again, until everyone in the class understands the material well.


There are many great educational applications on the market today. Some of which are more useful and innovative than others. This is why so many different instructors are incorporating the use of applications that can assist them with doing their jobs more efficiently, accurately and in a more timely manner. Therefore, for those who are interested in using moodle grade book and the features it offers, it is important that people check out the grade conversion features, report features, student privacy features and grade populated features and the like.

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