The Top 3 Moodle Blogs

Given the increasing and everlasting popularity of blogs – as the new medium for marketing, journalism and general self expression – it was only a matter of time before people would search for Moodle blogs.

And why not?

Moodle is probably one of the most intuitive and revolutionary learning systems to come out of the SaaS revolution. With its growing user base and infinite flexibility, there was bound to be a surge of blogs covering Moodle topics.

Technology, even very easy to use technology, is often daunting to those who do not consider ‘tech stuff’ to be their expertise. Don’t “psych yourself out”.. . Despite how easy-to-use Moodle is for teachers and students, some people might find comfort in the fact that detailed blogs exist, outlining instructions for both simple and complex features. Step by step, Moodle blogs will not only help you discover all the amazing things you can do with Moodle, but they will also abate your self-inflicted uneasiness around a new form of technology.

There are a ton of Moodle blogs out there, but who has time to read a hundred blogs in any given field on any given day? (I’d like to meet the person who can work such a miracle). Today, I’m going to point out the blogs that stand out. Blow are 3 blogs to add to your daily journalistic reading:

#1 – The Moodlerooms Blog

Moodlerooms is a community-powered website dedicated to all things Moodle (and it also happens to be one of the best resources for my own writing). While community-powered websites have their share of problems, such as the occasional ‘unprofessional’ behavior and inappropriate comments (that make it past moderators), Moodlerooms seems to have the bare minimum of these sorts of problems…

The Moodlerooms blog is a great source for new ideas on how to solve a number of complex training issues. Although Moodle has an intuitive design, the blogs will help you discover things you didn’t know were there. Like me, You’ll probably find yourself, saying “Now, why didn’t I think of that.” If you follow this blog, and follow this website as a whole; you can be a Moodle master.

#2 – Planet Moodle

Planet Moodle is the official aggregate blog of the Moodle developers themselves, Hence, the information is basically coming ‘right from the horse’s mouth.’ While a good half of the content consists of posts about technical issues (that have been identified and addressed), the other half talks about new ideas and features for the software in future releases. You can stay up to date on Moodle news long before other blogs get around to it, making you the most efficient Moodle teacher or student you can be. Users can also communicate with one another within the community.

#3 – Moodle Blog

This sounds like it should be the name of the blog from the official Moodle website, but in fact, it’s not (It is endorsed by Moodle, though). Moodle Blog is probably the most “all in one” source of information. If you only have time for one blog, it should probably be this one. Moodle Blog offers reviews, tutorials, helpful posts- and covers every single version of Moodle on the market.

There are a ton more Moodle blogs out there, so if these don’t jive with you, do not despair… a simple search on any major search engine will unveil an endless amount of helpful Moodle blogs.

Nicole Lewis is the Lead Author & Editor of MyLMStips. MyLMStips is dedicated to providing the most engaging topics, information, tips and tricks surrounding Moodle®. It's a place where Moodle® users can receive guidance on how to get the most out of it and increase their productivity and progress.