To Know Why Moodle is Great, Focus on These 3 Things

Moodle is a great platform to help move education online, but as any new and disruptive technology, there are those – teachers and students alike – who are reluctant to adopt it and embrace it. As research firm Gartner says, “Adoption is inhibited when users resist the new system by focusing on cutover difficulties rather than embracing the new processes.” Some intended users tend to be intimidated and a bit scared.

Below, I present three ways to get those who are hesitant to embrace Moodle, by improving the Moodle user experience, allowing it to be informative, educational and care-free.

1. Free to Use

Unlike most education online platforms like Blackboard and WebCT, Moodle can be downloaded for free from There are also no licensing fees. It can be installed at no cost on many servers. It is an open source software with revolutionary development which allows the user to modify and adapt their site specifically to their needs. Moodle provides you with the platform and formats, but it is up to you to create it how you would like. Moodle also offers 24/7 full functionality support in forums on their site (

2. Easy to Use

No matter your computer or software expertise, Moodle is very easy to use because of its familiar graphical user interface. It was created with educators in mind. For instance, quizzes on given topics can be placed on your webpage. Moodle has an activity menu (along with many other resources) where you can choose the type of quiz you would like to include. As well, many of the functions are gear toward student learning. Moodle offers intuitive features like activity and resource pull down lists, which makes the course creation much easier. Moodle also works well to ease the hesitation and doubts felt by some new users.

To make the user experience even more enhanced, consider an online guidance tool such as WalkMe – making actions even easier. Overall, Moodle does a lot of the work for you. Some of Moodle’s advantages include: higher levels of security, peer review, flexibility, technical support, well-tested updates and plug-ins, and a variety of capabilities and tools. Moodle is also offered in a variety of languages shared by users around the world.

3.    Interactive Learning

Moodle is designed to engage learners and classmates to participate and collaborate with one another. It offers functions such as chats and forums, which instill the value of active participation. It is also a great way to hear what everyone has to say. There are always those who do not participate in a physical environment, but through an online platform they are able to show their understanding and knowledge of the topics. Moodle also allows students to learn interdependently and independently. It helps students learn how to understand information while engaging with others in learning activities. Students will learn through fulfilling these activities. Moodle also creates a new sense of community where all students will feel involved and a part of.

Moodle is a great way to use online education. It is free and easy to use as well as offers a different form of interactive learning. The reason for its great success is because of its open source system that allows educators to cater their Moodle to their specific needs. You don’t need to be a computer whiz to use it. Educators are able to experiment with the site to see if it is right for them and their students.

Nicole Lewis is the Lead Author & Editor of MyLMStips. MyLMStips is dedicated to providing the most engaging topics, information, tips and tricks surrounding Moodle®. It's a place where Moodle® users can receive guidance on how to get the most out of it and increase their productivity and progress.