Top 3 Moodle Tools

In the light of the myriad of online learning platforms reshaping how we look at training and education, everyone has pretty unanimously fallen for Moodle, and it’s really not surprising, when you look at the rich feature set it’s packing. Along with this, a great extension library and its open source design allowing it to be bent to pretty much any will, Moodle is damn good. But, what people often don’t realize is just what all they can do with the extensive Moodle tools available, most right out of the box, others easy to obtain and set up.

With these Moodle tools, you have the power to create more multi-dimensional courses, coordinate organizational learning, gamify the lessons, reconfigure the grading system to eliminate the old, judgmental and tired letter grading system nobody wants to be subjected to.

But, these are just a few things Moodle can do, and some of the many reasons it’s pretty much the top LMS in the industry, despite big, long-time established titles like Blackboard also being very capable.

Let’s take a look at three tools that you can get the most out of Moodle with.

WalkMe isn’t built in, but it has a plugin designed specifically for Moodle, and it’s the other training software you can’t sanely be without. It was created as a tutorial design system, which integrates with web interfaces. From there, it can guide users through complex processes in real time, allowing them to learn while doing. It’s very easy to use and program, with a point and click interface.

With Moodle, it can not only help teachers and students come to grips with using the LMS, but it can also teach complex processes while interfacing with Moodle without the need for duplicate records or manual transposition.

#2 – Book

The book tool brings a whole new level of simplification and flexibility to course creation, and it’s a shame that people overlook this, opting for more basic, skeletal course creation. This would make their lives much easier, and deliver much more robust courses than you’re apt to get out of the harder way, unless you’re spending a long time on it.

With this, you can create comprehensive tables of contents with well-organized linkage, built in stepped navigation, easy print of chunks or the entire book with a single click, and much more. If you want to get the textbook quality out of your courses you always dreamed, this is going to be your best friend.

#3 – Lesson

You’ve probably used lesson already, but have you really used lesson? Lesson has a ton of functionality you probably overlooked, opting for the “simplicity is bliss” mindset of course design, but you ought to take a second look.

You can use adaptive instruction to create live quiz-driven learning, as well as self-directed learning and yes, gamification (something much valued in training, especially in corporate training).

In 2.0, you also get comprehensive flash card and dynamic graphic demonstration functionality in lesson, as well as continued access to Youtube video integration and the like. So, take another look at the lesson tool, you’re probably only using a fraction of its power.

These are just three of the bigger Moodle tools, two being built in features (or optional plugins depending on version), and one being a state of the art new training system that just keeps finding more uses.

Nicole Lewis is the Lead Author & Editor of MyLMStips. MyLMStips is dedicated to providing the most engaging topics, information, tips and tricks surrounding Moodle®. It's a place where Moodle® users can receive guidance on how to get the most out of it and increase their productivity and progress.