Top 4 Benefits of Using Moodle for your School – Why it Works as a Platform for Student-Teacher Interaction

By Nicole @supermoodle Lewis

 “The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change.”

– Carl Rodgers

The aforementioned quote rightly suffices the problem arising in prevalent education system. We have been cultivating ourselves since the early 19th century to use the ever changing and advancing technology. We have witnessed a revolution of “doing things” the novel way, which is through the use of technology but it is sad to know that our teaching or educating methods are still the traditional practices of a chalkboard inside the four walls of a classroom.

People certainly make use of the information available over the internet but there is lack of creativity in the teaching methods. It has been found that students lack interest in lectures over long periods of time, feel anxious to put forward their views/opinions, are hesitant to even ask a question and the list extends on, this results into confused behavior and leads up to long hours of surfing of questions over the vast internet that are left unanswered. So what is the ultimate solution? There are no “un–answers” here. MOODLE is the ultimate answer to all students’ as well as teachers’ worries.

The following are the 5 best benefits to insist students and teachers to use Moodle as an interactive study platform:

1.      Moodle benefits the students with a learning environment which is fun, innovative and creative, and filled with purpose, to enhance their knowledge and help them in taking-up as well as completing assignments on-the-go.

Some of the features that can attract students along with teachers to use Moodle are as follows:

  • Assignment Submission
  • Discussion Forum
  • Files Download
  • Grading
  • Moodle Instant Messages
  • Online quizzes
  • Wiki
  • Gamification of study material and problems

The features mentioned above help a hesitant student to post queries, search for information over a certain topic, read daily posts and comments, take–up an online quiz and lastly play a game related to application based problems to help them reduce stress, release worries and build a sea of knowledge.

2.      User Friendly Environment

How can teachers use Moodle effectively? When a student posts doubts or queries, Moodle has a friendly environment which connects many teachers around the globe to answer these queries and help a remote student. This is helpful since many places in the world are not accessible at the very moment physically but as internet has connected people around the world. Likewise, Moodle has been able to connect a student in need to a teacher indeed which is a real technological boon.

3.      We know that the “future is here” when there is change happening for the goodwill. 

The prospect of open–source learning without the wastage of paper, pen or any other resources which are unceasingly getting scarce becomes a more than valid reason to opt for e-learning via Moodle. Students waste lot of time over social media platforms but if they can join Moodle and divert this valuable time over discussion forums or Moodle instant messages. They can solve two purposes at the same time which is making friends or social sharing as well as resourceful learning.

4. Accessibility, Even For the Shy Ones Among Us

Hesitant or Introvert students, the ones who cannot put forward their views or opinions – for them Moodle is a vital tool to possess where one can readily choose videos on any topic or a course.

Many teachers due to lack of confidence, resources or students can fall prey to wastage of their knowledge, but Moodle connects and gives these teachers an opportunity to impart education beyond a classroom. Every school can help the education system of the nation by using Moodle.

The change is the only constant in this world, and if it is for a good reason we must support it. Thus, the mantra of education and learning should be “Don’t doodle it, just Moodle it”.

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