Understanding Moodle Enrollment Key

A Moodle enrollment key is an important element of Moodle. Moodle is a component of the Learning Management System (LMS), an online counterpart of a traditional classroom course. The LMS is a web-based environment that provides resources, course information, and activities to students.

This is an important online system, which allows the collaboration of students and instructors. With Moodle, students can contribute to various course activities and instructors can assess their students through online assignments and quizzes. This service is usually accessible from any browser and can be handled using the techniques applied in managing other web pages.

How the Enrollment Key Works

Students enrolled in a Moodle course will be given a Moodle enrollment key, which will serve as a password for a particular course. Giving students with an enrollment key will help control access to the virtual classroom and provide one-time permission to students to self-enroll their courses.

Once students are enrolled, they will not need to use the key again. To prevent unauthorized access, the key can be changed anytime. The enrollment key is a simple method that will determine if a student can self-enroll in a particular course. One or more people will need to supply the enrollment key to authorized persons through snail mail, private email, face-to-face meetings, telephone, or through a counselor’s office.

The Moodle enrollment key can also be used to place students into smaller groups. Each group can be assigned a separate key. Students will be given the key to their assigned group. Once they enroll, they are automatically grouped accordingly. If this option is to be made, all the enrollment keys must be unique; and although there is a need for a course enrollment key, it need not be given to anyone.

How to Set-up an Enrollment Key

If the Learning Management System is installed, the enrollment key can be generated for each course by following these steps:

1. Select USERS in the settings block, from the main page of the course. It is usually found on the left sidebar on the course page.

2. The Sub-menu for the enrollment method must be selected.

3. For students, the Self-Enrollment sub-menu must be selected.

4. Use the drop down menu to ensure that the Allow Self-Enrollment option is set to YES.

5. The enrollment key must be entered in the key field. You can check the Unmask Field to see the existing enrollment key as well as what you are typing.

6. You can check the Send Course Welcome Message field if you want students to receive a welcome email. This message can also be customized.

7. Save the changes that you made.

When creating the Moodle enrollment key, it is important to leave the Enrollment Duration field. The Start Date and End Date fields must also be disable. Using these fields can cause students unexpected loss of their access.

Once the keys have been generated, these must be distributed to students together with the information on how to log into their courses. Ensure that all students have enrolled at the start date. For most Learning Management Systems such as Moodle, a college-wide messaging is a default. Therefore, instructors can use this feature to contact their students.

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