Understanding Moodle Quiz Module

The Moodle quiz module is a module of Moodle, an e-learning platform developed by Martin Dougiamas in Perth, Western Australia. Moodle is the acronym for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment and it is a free software used for creating online courses. It offers independent study material with blended teaching contexts for distance learning programs. The main feature of the quiz module is that it provides self-assessment of the course progress, which makes it invaluable.

Understanding Moodle Quiz Module

The self-assessment is made easy with the help of online quizzes which are an easy and sound tool of self-assessment and also form the part course management. Moodle is an open source software used for building online course series offering different modules and activities with unique functionalities for learning and teaching.

The quiz module can be used to write questions and answers as well as to provide feedback on the performance of a learner. It also provides various levels of support to the learners for getting the correct answers. The content design of the quiz model depends upon the teacher and can be set as easy or tough according to the teacher’s choice. It is applied in institutions as an integral part of the course or as an optional activity for independently checking the progress of the students by themselves.

Features of Moodle Quiz Module

Moodle has all the features of a typical e-learning platform along with some innovations of its own. Its features allow it to be used for education, training and development or even for business settings. The quiz module has provisions for online submission of assignments and discussion forum for the students. It can be used for grading, downloading files and even for sending instant messages to the students.

The other features of the Moodle quiz module include online calendar, online quiz, Wikipedia and online news and announcements. Moodle also provides various types of plug-ins. The question type plug-ins are used for setting multiple choice questions, true or false and fill in the blank type questions. The authentication methods are used for accessing of username and password. The other plug-ins such as graphical themes, content filters, activities, enrolment methods, resource types and data field types, etc. form an integral part of the quiz module.


The Moodle quiz module offers a regular evaluation of progress of the language study of the students. As the manual delivery of tests and correcting them requires much more time, proper and timely evaluation of the progress of the students may not be achieved. This problem is solved with the online quizzes, which saves a lot of time for other activities to be carried out. The students have the option of appearing for tests whenever they feel the need to, by choosing their own time and place. The only thing they need to have is their log-in details and internet access.

They also get almost instant feedback of their tests and hence, they need not wait for a long time. It allows the teachers to develop their own questions based on the content of teaching. The questions can be uploaded in the form of images or audio files. This saves a lot of time of the teachers and provides immediate feedback to the students. A summary of the results of the students can be seen at a glance by the teachers. This allows them to set the Moodle quizzes accordingly.

The learners can be encouraged to become much more skilled in self-evaluating their own progress. The teachers have the option of sharing their test quizzes with their colleagues. They can import and export the Moodle quiz sets for setting a test on the major portions of the course and enhance the progress of the students. It also helps to encourage the students’ exploratory learning as the Moodle quiz module is built along constructive principles. These benefits make this module a useful tool for modern day learning process.

Process of Operation of Quiz Module

The students have to follow a synchronized process for smooth and efficient working of quiz module. They have to click on a particular quiz link on the homepage of the course. They need to read all the instructions carefully and click on the ‘Attempt quiz now button’ to start attempting a quiz. They can browse through the question series with the help of ‘Next’ button at the bottom of the page and attempt the questions in any order. The ‘submit all and finish’ button helps the students to submit their test and receive a feedback about their score.

Quiz Building

The Moodle software provides various options to the teachers for building a quiz. They can directly add a question from the course syllabus and can even create a question of their own. Once a question is created it can be grouped according to its type or a question can also be taken from a previous quiz. The maximum marks of a particular question can be set with the help of a box to the right of each question. Any faulty questions in the quiz can be dealt with or edited wherever required.

Grading of Quiz

The grading of a quiz is carried out with the help of ‘Grade report’, Responses report, Statistics report and Manual grading report. The ‘Grade report’ shows the overall grade along with the grade for each question attempted by the student for a particular quiz. The students can check their performance with the help of performance graph and can even download their results in various formats.

The ‘Responses report’ shows the responses given by the students. The response can be compared with the right answer and the questions can be randomised using ‘Responses report’. The detailed statistical analysis of a quiz is given in the ‘Statistics report’. It gives the summary of the whole question set as well as the detailed analysis of a particular section. ‘The Manual grading report’ allows manual grading of a particular set of questions such as the essay questions. The manually and automatically graded questions are shown separately in this report.


Thus, a quiz module is an efficient tool for effective and efficient learning. It gives the students and teachers an important platform which is very interesting and advantageous as compared to the conventional way of learning. The Moodle quiz module is a very important part of the modern way of learning and beneficial in each and every aspect.

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