Using Moodle Book Module Guide

Moodle book module is currently the latest virtual learning environment as far as web-based tutoring platforms are concerned. The system is a common approach in higher learning institutions as it is used to support teaching, learning and assessment of students by tutors.

A book module is simply the creation of books – not by the students but by the teachers. It is designed to help teachers come up with articles/ materials that students can access and print at any time during study. The book has features that allow the teachers to develop chapters including subchapters in structured format. Some use the module to create complete materials that would serve the students for a whole course; these include chapter headings, headings and other sections organized in soft copy.

The  Moodle book module is easy for the students to work with. The navigation is effortless and the scholars have the option of converting the notes into hard copy by just clicking on the ‘print’ option; which is explained later on in this guide. The best part is that you, the educator, can also make an exception and enable the scholars to upload pages to your book.

Setting up a Moodle Book Module

1. Log in the credentials to access the page; username together with the correct password.

2. Once you are logged in, a screen showing the module you’ll be taking will appear. Depending on the module you are using, in the ‘Introduction’ topic, select a Book.

3. Enter a title in the Name/ Title textbox.

4. When you are through with step three, enter a good summary that you intend to sum up the book contents.

5. Select the format you want for chapter numbering.

6. Ensure you select ‘default settings’ for the rest of the elements.

7. Click ‘Save’ to store the Moodle.

Adding Chapters

To add a chapter in your book:

1. Log in by entering your credentials.

2. On the ‘Introduction’ section click on the ‘Book’ link.

3. Fill in the details for the 1st chapter.

4. Click on ‘Save’.

Adding Subchapters

If you want to split the contents to subchapters:

1. This is done at the ‘Table of Contents’, you’ll see a link that will give you the subchapter option.

2. Enter a suitable chapter title.

3. Check the subchapter option.

4. Click Save to keep the settings.

Changing the Chapter Arrangements

If you want to change the order at which the chapters are arranged, simply use the arrow beside each chapter title. A user also can delete or hide a chapter using the edit button depending on what he/she prefers.

Adding Content

1. Click on ‘Edit’ situated beside each chapter/ subchapter.

2. Enter the content.

3.  Save.


At the settings or the module section depending on what module are using, click on ‘Print’ to access the notes in hard copy.

Moodle book module is an exceptional learning tool used by many to present info not only in a well-structured format but also in a user-friendly way. This module is flexible enough to allow users (teachers) to import individual folders including web pages to organize an effectual study environment. It is also useful for a number of students during group discussions making it an interesting resource for both teachers and students to work with.

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