Using the Moodle Question Bank

Moodle Question Bank is a feature that allows a teacher to simply create, preview, as well as edit questions in a particular database of question categories. Question categories may be limited to being used on sites, courses or even quiz levels. Questions in a category may be added to a lesson activity or a quiz via an export process. Teachers usually enter the question bank by simply creating or even editing a quiz activity or via the settings>course administration>question bank.

Using the Moodle Question Bank

Question Categories

Questions are normally organized into the categories. A question category may contain individual questions or various question categories. They can easily be found by making use of moodle Question bank or even when building a quiz. A question category can be like a folder on your desktop computer. Therefore, questions are usually stored in these particular categories in the same way you store files in a file system.

Every category should have a name and also you may include a short narrative of the category. You may create a category hierarchy as well. For instance, you may specify a parent category for every category or even the “Top” being the parent in case a category doesn’t have parent. As a matter of facts, creating the question categories as well as the sub categories is a very good practice. It’s better than just keeping all the questions in a quite big file in the quiz module.

Hierarchy feature actually enables you to separate various categories into the sub categories and those sub categories into the sub sub categories. Categories as well as the sub categories are usually very powerful when they are combined with the random questions which can choose either from one category or even from a category or from any of its sub categories.

Question Sharing

You may share questions in a number of different contexts. Sharing the categories in the course context or system context has got a similar effect to the establishment of the category so that others may see them or even hiding a question category from the specific users. By default, not even a single teacher can see or even use any question context that is above the course level. You must note that Core System as well as the System normally refers to the similar thing when describing or even showing the screen shots of the question categories. System is actually the current term that you will get in the 2.x releases of Moodle.

Which is the category set up and also management?

  • Simply open the question bank by either clicking on the questions link that is in the Administration’ block and then clicking on the Questions’ link or else opening the editing a quiz’ page. When you are logged in as a teacher or even someone with the appropriate permissions, simply open a quiz and after that click on the Edit tab.
  •  Then click on the tab of categories’.
  • Under the list of the current categories, you will then see a form that you can add a new category.
  •  Then choose the parent category whereby the new category will be positioned. Placing your category into another category usually makes it a sub category of the parent. Also, choosing Top’ simply means that your category is actually a top level category and not a sub category. Note that you may decide to make your category to be a top level’ category in whichever context which is available to you.
  •  Type the name of the new question category in the text space.
  •  Add an optional description that is meaningful in the category information area.
  • Finally, click the Add category’ button. Amazingly, the new question category will simply appear in the list of the current categories.

Preview, Edit, Delete, as well as Move

The first column that is in the list of questions usually contains several icons and also a selection box. When you click on the preview icon, a preview window will open whereby you can be able to test your question. Edit’ icon usually allows you to edit your question through the same form which you did use to create it. Delete’ icon normally deletes your question, provided it’s not already in the use in other activity. The selection box then allows you to simply select a subset of the questions which you may then move into another category by using the controls that are usually below the list of the questions. Finally, the Move’ icon enables you to move one particular question at a time.

Which are some of the tips and tricks of using the moodle question bank?

  •  Put the answers into the questions’ names so that you can quickly see the answers once your students ask for the answers. This is particularly useful if you are dealing with very large sets of the questions.
  • Export the questions in GIFT or in Moodle XML formats and then import them into the lesson. The future versions of the Moodle will actually make question bank available to Quiz activities as well as lesson.
  •  Always remember that though some of the similar question types may be found in quiz and lesson modules, they may be very different. Scoring as well as grading every student’s choice is actually more robust in the Quiz. Conversely, each Lesson question answer still have a jump’ associated with it.
  •  Make use of GIFT or even other export modes in printing both the questions and the answers in a single category. Surprisingly, clever use of the word processor macros and also using search and replace may tidy up a GIFT file meant for printing.
  •  Question title is much useful in sorting and also making notes.
  • Finally, do a copy and paste from the PDF file or notepad screen or text file into the question content part. This reduces other hidden code that word, open office and also other programs may insert.

You may set up a role in order to allow the teachers to share as well as manage the questions on quite a larger scale.You may use this role to simply create a Moodle question bank manager instead of just giving the admin level or even site-wide manager an access to one’s managing the questions.


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