Why Moodle is the Best lms Software

Anyone who has to stare down the barrel of education today may not realize it, but they love LMS software. Before the advent of these systems, learning was a horror, and one of the main reasons for the tradition of kids and busy adults hating school or additional work training being mandated to them. Classroom environments, demeaning grading systems, rigorous schedules and tedious lectures and drilling are just not pleasant, and nobody wants to have to deal with this nonsense.

How much better would education and training be if you could do it anywhere, any time, on your own schedule? How much better would it be if digital learning structures could be designed to give you some agency, cutting out the tedium of lectures and the humiliation and stress of letter grading? Well, LMS software makes this possible. Access your courses online, complete them at your leisure through interactive multimedia experiences, and do it from anywhere your mobile or laptop can get a connection – home, a coffee shop, on an airplane. But, what’s the best LMS system? Moodle, hands down.

Yeah, we’re standing up and proclaiming a definitive answer for the best in an industry, which is rare for us – we usually recommend a multitude of solutions within any industry for different companies or personalities (and budgets). Not this time. Why is Moodle the best?

Moodle, first of all, is affordable and insanely easy to use. Teachers can create courses with integrated video from YouTube or local sources, as well as rich text environments that are as easily composed as a word document. So they can look good, crisp, and be rich and engaging.

Along with this, Moodle offers the power of extendibility, meaning that additional modules of functionality can be added. This means there’s no limit to what Moodle can do over time, as intrepid developers come up with new tricks to teach it. This has made great things like gamification and dynamic interaction more than possible.

Along with this, its integration with social networks means that outreach and distribution of material to platforms everyone’s already using and familiar with is ready out of the box, reducing the amount of learning to use the learning software.

Along with this, the comprehensive Wiki framework, reference system, user forum, chat system and flexible, scriptable test system make Moodle able to be configured to present courses by any learning model that exists, or ones you invent. Remember the futuristic learning environments of the computer age promised by Microsoft, Apple and IBM back when the PC was a hot new market item?

They built the hardware to handle it, but Moodle is the system that made this promise come true.

As if these huge features and its low price weren’t enough to make this the right LMS software for everyone, there’s another thing to consider. Moodle has the biggest community of users and experts of any LMS framework in modern times, providing the best support and innovative brain trust of any system going. Moodle is the most powerful LMS framework on the planet, and probably puts to shame anything the Martians have too.

Nicole Lewis is the Lead Author & Editor of MyLMStips. MyLMStips is dedicated to providing the most engaging topics, information, tips and tricks surrounding Moodle®. It's a place where Moodle® users can receive guidance on how to get the most out of it and increase their productivity and progress.